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Aperture Logos

Here are all the Aperture Logos from the Portal series, vectored and in .ai and .svg format

There is some discrepancies from these, and what you might see on other computers, as the images were adjusted to have appropriate proportions.

Edit - version 1.2 - I recently became aware of another Aperture Science logo, this one seen only on Chell's jumpsuit. I also added the complete Aperture logo. I also edited the 1945 Aperture Science very slightly to more accurately reflect the in game logo.
Edit - NOTICE - this image has been lifted and placed on Reddit, Memebase, and other sites without my permission.
© 2011 - 2021 Zeptozephyr
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What about 2021?

TheInklingKitsune's avatar
Bruh it’s 2020 now...
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That would explain a lot.
DarynBlackout132's avatar
I had no idea there were this many.
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Wasn't there a fan game on the 1970's aperture?
SmakkoHooves's avatar
Where you find the concept ones?
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Your missing the first Aperture Science Innovators Logo. Seen when you enter the lobby at the bottom of the enrichment spheres shaft, its the Aperture Fixtures logo with the atom symbol in the center. Can be seen here, after the atom symbol has fallen out
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So for some PWOPLW it's 2020 and for others it's 52,010
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(Very old apeture logo)
Ahh... such nice memories...
(Improved old apeture logo)
Still good even with the huge and small lines through it...
(Apeture fixtures logo)
You ruined it by Doing a circle with a vertical line, horozontal line, and diagnol lines
(Aperture Science Invonations and 1980 apeture logo)
Looking good!
(Apeture 1970 logo)
(Aperture 1980 and 2010 logo)
Both good...
(2020 aperture logo)
You ruined it by Putting Wheatley instead of apeture, BOOOOO!
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Aperture Evolution.
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awesome work!!
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I like the 1945 logo the most, but the 50s logo is nice too.
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Thanks so much! This is some awesome work - keep it up!
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Also the most "smashy-mashy" era.
princessdarkangel61's avatar
MASHY SPIKE PLATE oh best part of the game
The-TravelingStrange's avatar
Thank you! This is exactly what I have searching for!
deli73123's avatar
Where's the download??
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Awesome ! Thank you very much for sharing  your Work. Gonna Cut some Labels now =)
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