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TwoKinds page 293B fan art

By zephyrus805
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As soon as I saw this page ([link]) in the webcomic TwoKinds, I had this sequence stuck in my head. I finally illustrated it many months ago for fun. I tried to keep the art consistent as possible with the original page.

TwoKinds characters copyright Tom Fischbach
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© 2011 - 2021 zephyrus805
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HellishWerewolf's avatar
nice touch on the 3rd panel onwards i forgot about the necklace
Sherufanir88's avatar
this is what i would do :D

good work :-)
BansheeHowl's avatar
Aww, cute :3 They're such an adorable couple! =^w^=
codyinfinity's avatar
Sooo sweet, been thinking the same thing, glad ypu made it happen alittle late to our party, glad to have you.
Scuashman's avatar
What can i say about this?

i know.... it's Perfect ! i really wanted to see that x3.
niloc1's avatar
thats very good, you a late bloomer for Twokinds
urbnsnipe's avatar
i feel bad for you kildeez. but still you were to late. ummm........ GOOD PICTURE!!*claps*
kildeez's avatar
Crap. I was gonna do somethin like this in my novel :(
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