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Pokemorph - Charmeleon Blaze

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I suk I gots da lighting on da tail all wrong ohs noes D=
t3h b007s 5uxk5 t00 O_O
Oh, and did I mention that the lighting is screwed up? O_O

Anyways, style practicing again, painting done in Painter IX using the Acrylics brush only, BG generated in Photoshop, influenced by the great Jay Axer (My BG sucks tho, so apologies to Mr Axer @_@).

Anyways, his bio if you're interested, otherwise just sleep ya? 8D
Fire Type Pokemon Morph. Part of the elite Diamond Rank Rescue Team - Bahamut
Species - Charmeleon Height - 160cm Weight - 60kg Age - 18 Gender - Male Build - Athletic and Muscular
An active and lively teenage pokemorph, Blaze is always ready for some hardcore action in any way imaginable. Reckless in personality, he always gets into trouble before trouble even makes its way to him, often ending up in fights with gangsters or other pokemorphs while in the nightclubs. His hobbies include rockclimbing and raving/glowsticking, but he's not so careless to actually fall for drugs. Committing himself to Team Bahamut, he's one of the best rescuers there is in the team.

Pokemon is © to Nintendo
Artwork by and © to Zephyron Ng ZhiBin, not you dammit D=<
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ArtyBritneyHobbyist Digital Artist
cool musls
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I remember seeing this when it was a sketch when I was randomly browsing DA for Pokemon art.
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Get this, Zeph--Some of my Mystery Dungeon Characters are PokeMorphs, too! Those of this category would be Scarlet(the heroine *a Sonic FC Alligator; Vector's long-lost younger sister turned Charmander* ), Shellshocker the Squirtle(partner), Ryu the Charizard(Team ACT), Unalii the Alakazam(ACT), and Puissant the Tyranitar(ACT again). For Team Meanies...Actually, I can't find any names for them...Does anyone know the French word/phrase for "Spirited Youth", or "Evil" in Chinese? *long-ass gasp for air*

Cool art, BTW
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iWantToBeATotodileStudent General Artist
so cool
so awesome
so fantastic
so cowetastic
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KalangomonStudent Traditional Artist
It´s amazing, really very good!!!!!! Aaahhhh!!!!!,
Thanks zephyrion!!!!
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freeza-frostHobbyist Traditional Artist
cool! he's so cute!

char char!
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wanderer1988Hobbyist Digital Artist
BEAUTIFUL JOB:):love: :3
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Nice, but I think it's better to color him in red, not yellow. It makes him a little bit wired....I think. Don't feel bad, ok? Sorry
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Could u draw another pokemorph please?
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silverhammerbroHobbyist General Artist
That's looks amazing! :wow:
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This looks fantastic coloured =D
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dude this kicks ass
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Octomar Filmographer
I think it's cool.:D I mean look at all your fav:144!!!:O
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do those balls hold humans in them? xDD
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zephyronHobbyist General Artist

Those balls are the Rescue Orbs, special items used in the PMD games to execute, more often than not, actions that get the player out of an extremely dire ituation for example. =)
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Ah, it is also the most bad ass charmeleon pokemorph ever!
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His suit is kinda reminiscent of starfox. :+fav:
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I think that blue eyes look good on it :D

and I don't give a crap if the lighting is bad...... it's my fav. poke'mon

your picture is really cool....... no joke :hug:
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that idea is perfect pokemon in star fox :joy:
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nemethpatrik1988 Traditional Artist
Beautiful picture :)
Cute Charmander :)
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You suck, you say? If this picture wasn't so amazingly awesome, I would slap you for saying that. haha, kidding. Excelent work, though.
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to put it simply, hes...cool!
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dratinigirlHobbyist General Artist
pokemorph contest here> [link]
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chargirl5000Student General Artist
i luv it !!!
hey ummm.... would u like to be friends?
u got great pics in that gallery of ur^^:gallery:
here have some roses for all ur pics well done^^
:rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose:
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