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It's been an interesting year - but a good one.  I'm currently writing this from the tropical island of Newfoundland, Canada, part of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.  I've been doing the tourist thing, but I've also gotten a unique perspective from my local guide (who just so happens to be my boyfriend).  I've been inspired by the rugged beauty of the area, the generous hearts of the people who live here, and the strains of music that seem to be omnipresent.

My thirtieth birthday is coming up, and to celebrate, I was given a brand new Bamboo tablet.  While I've been here, I've been learning to use it and have just been playing around with it.  I suspect I'll be doing some digital art in the style of various illuminating styles (because, hey, I can), and I also suspect I'll be doing some fear-free calligraphy (since ink, nib pens, and being a lefty don't really work well).

I also have some photos I'll be processing when I get back.  My flickr (which, honestly, is my photo dump), has a set full of photos from around the place.  If you're interested, feel free to message me, and I'll send you the link.

I also picked up some beach glass and lovely rocks and other awesome things.  These will get turned into something when I get home (or they may just stay in my sea treasure bowl at home.  Haven't decided).

So, yeah.  While I will be sad to return home, I also know that the inspiration from this beautiful place will stay with me for a lifetime.
So, I've moved to Kansas City, and have restarted my etsy account.

I'm posting fabulous jewellery on a nearly daily basis (when I'm not making it, of course), and I also have a facebook fan page, too.

In fact, I've got a contest going on the fanpage to win a pair of earrings.

Check them out! - my etsy storefront… - my FB fanpage
Ever since I've joined dA, I've dreamed of a DD.  (who hasn't?   I know.)

It's inspired me to get better at what it is I do, and while I still push myself, I hope that eventually, I can hit this benchmark.  The DD is not the end of things - it is the very beginning.

So, as I work on new skills and improve on old ones, I will continue to work towards this, in hopes that one day, I might be lucky and get a DD.  (I already adore all of y'all who watch, fave, and comment.  You guys make my day.)

I am open to constructive criticism.  I may not be able to afford critiques, however, the only way I see a road to improvement is through constructive criticism.  Let me know what you think.  Give me words to grow with.

You all rock.

Thank you.

I really hate that I've had to whine on other people's sites to get them to remove my work because they violated one of my requests or rules.

So, here it goes.

I do not allow for individual websites to distribute my work.  A quick check on google has found at least two sites with my photos, and I am not pleased.  I have asked for my art to be removed, but needless to say, I am not happy.

For reference: I do not allow my art to be downloaded for distribution on other sites, even if it's a free wallpaper or stock piece, unless I know about it (which means that I had to put it there in the first place).

If you have another site and you -want- to publish my piece, I am more than willing to talk to you about it, but you must let me know.  Don't just take it!  It's not cool, and it's stealing, and stealing is just not cool.
Wow.  5000 views/4110 downloads on my YGG! Wallpaper.  Never saw that coming.  At all.

Much love to y'all.  Thank you.  I'm humbled.
I live.

The spring thaw (which is running a bit early) is much needed to lift my spirits.  I've also gotten around to getting new garb - this time a houppelande.  The collar needs some work and I need wacky headgear, but I like it.  Can't wear it in weather warmer than 60 degrees F.

So, yes, I live.

1.  Tell you something I'll learn about you by looking at your DA page for 13 seconds!
2.  Tell you what fruit you remind me of!
3.  Tell you how much you mean to me!
4.  Tell you what I like about your art!
5.  Give you a weird nickname!
6.  Send you a random video from youtube!
7.  Challenge you to post this on your journal
I'm not that far from 11k.


No kiriban for that, but still.

Next kiriban is 15k.

I still have to do the winning request, but I will do that when my computer comes back to me, and when it comes back, it feels much better.  (sick logic board.  yay.)

Until then, check out Iconology!  We're always looking for new people to join.
Just wrote a news article on religious art on dA.…

Let me know what you think about it?
Depending on our religious traditions, art is used to crate sacred space.  From stained glass windows to architecture, vestments, to sometimes, just a painting or photograph, sacred art is different in scope.  In a lot of ways, religious art is for the masses (yes, pun is totally intentional), but still has to speak to each of us on a primal level.  In fact, in the Italian Renaissance, many artists' patrons were the Church.  Mosques were decorated with complex geometric arabesques, and inspired other artforms in Europe, Africa, and Asia.  Aboriginal religious art still continues to fascinate not only archaeologists, but the public, too.

So, let's delve down and take a look, shall we?

Bathed in light by rwc101

Classically religious, this gorgeous photo captures the awe-inspiring aspects of the liturgical cathedrals.

Prince Rama in Ayodhya by angel-of-agnor

Definitely more pop-art, this illustration of Prince Rama was inspired by the Ramayana, of Hindu traditions.


In that same vein, is this drawing of Kali-Ma.  Lots of fun, outrageous colours that are far from being out of sync from the rest of this faith tradition.


Deeply stirring, this photo speaks of the times of trial, with the title of the piece coming from the 23rd Psalm.

Grave by SaAbbas

Since Islam abhors idolatry, and therefore religious art, this particular photo speaks boldly about life and death, but is still part of the umbrella of religious art.

Psalm 23 by MPhilipPhotography

This stunning photo is full of not only religious imagery, but also about personal faith.

Light on a Hill by Th3Pooka

And this photo is all about sharing our faith as a community.


Heaven, Paradise, Nirvana...we all have different names for it, but at the end, where do we go?

So, as you can see, our traditions are everywhere, and they're not just for adherents, either - we just have to look for them.
Congrats to Octadeviant on catching the kiriban.  Next up, photo request!  Not sure when my next kiriban'll be, but keep your eyes peeled.  (This is too much fun!)

I am thinking about doing some kind of photo request, because while I've got a few ideas, I need to get slapped upside the head with a good dose of inspiration.
We're quite a bit closer to the kiriban of 10k, and therefore the photo request.  I figured I'd at least set up some guidelines so you know what I'd end up attempting to do.

1.  Note that I have limited resources, time, space, and yes, even my camera is limited with what it can do.  I reserve all rights to refuse a photo request on moral grounds.  Yes, you will get your request in, but if it's something I can't do, I'll notify you.

2.  It will be placed in my stock category.  What benefits you, must benefit everyone else.  Yes, I'll even put Creative Commons licensing on it.

3.  More of a sidenote for number one than anything else, but no, I'm not comfortable enough with my body to offer up more than I have in terms of artistic nudes.  If this is your request, I will ask you to choose again.

4.  Prove that you are, indeed, visitor 10,000 (or close enough to it).  I'm a Show-Me gal.  Don't tell me you're not surprised.
I'm less than 500 views from 10k.  Serious.

I'm actually thinking about doing something kiriban-ish.  Photo request to visitor 10,000.

I'll be out at Episcopal General Convention (…) in Anaheim, California less than two weeks, and yes, I will be there with my friend Sonje selling prayer beads and photographic prints.  Check us out (and with the right timing, you may get a chance to meet me), and say hello!  We're at booth 222 in the exhibit hall.

I'm very very very excited, even if I have run out of beads a goodly number of times.  I'm working on fixing this before I leave, though.

So, come by if you're in the area!  I would love to meet you!
So, the geek pinup calendar I'm in is now open to orders.  It's $16.95, plus shipping ($3 to the US, $6 overseas).  Go to, and order.  :D

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Good news: my gown's wrists are trimmed, and they survived the wash.

Bad news: we're really hurting for cash right now. Given both mine and Anti's situation with Shane moving out in the next month or so (provided he can actually find a job), we're having to look for other places to live, as we can't afford the rent here at the house. So, I'm praying non-stop to find a place to live, a better job than what I've got that I actually qualify here, and half-jokingly, a million bucks. Inasmuch as I love having summers off, it's killing what little money I have, and with everything going up, we're going to have to find one hell of a cheaper place to live. I know we can do it. I just want to find a nice place to stay that is enough room for us, and close enough to all of our activities.


The good thing is that while school's out, apartments do clear up relatively quickly. I would just like to find a place soon, get settled in, and then do what I always do.

So, if you're not hurting monetarily, and you want to support a starving artist and her SO, go buy something. If you are hurting monetarily, just pray. I don't believe in the junk that those of the Prosperity message have to share, but I do believe in Jeremiah 29:11b (I know what I'm doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for. -The Message). I'm just praying for that future I hope for, and it's been the Scripture that has come to mind again and again over the past few weeks.
I still have a job!


I'm better, I think.

I just want our spring to be a little bit warmer.  Just a bit.
Basically, I've missed almost three weeks of my real job because of an unknown ailment.  I've felt physically sick, and I keep puking, and in the world of food service and preparation, it's not a good thing.  Neither are moderate to severe abdominal cramps.

So, keep money in my pocketses.  Go buy prints.  Tell people to buy prints.  I can't afford to miss this much work, and because this is a thing that isn't covered by FMLA (I'm pretty sure that the paperwork would take too long to process), I may be out of a job soon.  :(

So go.  Now.
And so I've uploaded a metric butt-load of photos.  There are more to come, but I'm taking a break (and so your deviation box does overflow...I know what that's like).

But yes.

I've been looking at possibly getting a camcorder so that I can do vlogs and documentaries, which have always intrigued me.  I figure I might as well get on that train, because, well, it could be a lot of fun.  I found a camera for about $230 that would cover my needs, so if you would help, please buy prints and other fun stuff.  :D
My grandfather passed away at ten this morning.

I'm numb, and will probably disappear for a few days.