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A topologically accurate homage to Relativity by MC Escher, carelessly thrown into 2010s architecture.

Blender, Cycles renderer.
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Nice idea! And love the pun, too!
Bernd-Haier's avatar
very nice work!

regards Bernd
Great! incredible work!
formula78583's avatar
Great pic!

I'm a big fan of Escher's work. This hit the ball out of the park!
Mystors's avatar
vive blender et cycles
belle oeuvre !
RoboChandler's avatar
classy business right here
Agent-G245's avatar
the only thing better for this would be shoppers and fast-food consumers going about their business. either that or androids.
KwatzHeWrote's avatar
This is amazing!
MartinSilvertant's avatar
InkSm3ar's avatar someone just brought Escher into the 21 century :p love it :D
JonesIantoJones006's avatar
What a truly fantastic, modern interpretation of my favourite Escher work! Thanks for sharing this.
Xeno-striker's avatar
now your thinking with escalators
ZanderNicolic's avatar
My compliments. Nice idea and very good work. I like the feeling the image conveys, too, kinda Matrix+Portal+Escher.
zephyris's avatar
Thanks! Portal was one of my inspirations, along with London Heathrow terminal 5 :)
Sabertooth1980's avatar
Neat. Needs People.
golem1's avatar
Very nicely done. Escher didn't need updating, but a very worthy tribute. Consider adding some figures?
zephyris's avatar
My character modelling is nowhere near as good as my architectural, especially with this photorealistic render style... Maybe in the future though!
golem1's avatar
Neither is mine, though I'm working on it, too. But for a composition like this, I don't think it has to be. Escher was capable of very realistic drawing, but in the context of a composition like this, his animal and human figures were often a bit cartoonish. But they were good enough to make the mathematical point he had in mind.
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