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the art it is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is not just a meme art but this deserves on the high spot it needs to be in the most famou...

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When I'm browsing Deviantart some amazing fanart like medeival, space, and superheroes, and hey I wanna look up of some cartoon fan art so I've been browsing for like an hour then i search The Loud House fan art and i look up well it's okay no ridiculous art is showing then there's this abomination of this Loud house character:Shitr. by ZEPHYRDICKY (sigh) why does this thing exist?

I have to give HIM credit for the good drawing and outlines but the subject matter is very concerning, why does timmy turner is in that loud house backround character's ass? and your using sunscreen to represent as the semen or some kind of sexual fluid!? and her bra that is not dressed in her breasts what's up with that? you do know the beach is a public place where lots of people running around the sands and she is half naked in public. It's okay for me if master artists draw nudes because they have a good reason to explain: The basic reason for the Nude in art is the fact that human beings are endlessly fascinated by the beauty and meaning that can be expressed visually only by the naked body. Sexuality may always be a part of this, but the artworks that have endured always include something more; an emotional connection, empathy. Modern nudes such as those by Lucien Freud or Jenny Saville do this, but Grimphantom use iconic cartoon characters that are seen by millions of children and teens and adults around the world and turning them into porn versions of them and posting them into a public website where lots of people look up for amazing art and they see this dreadful pictures because of your their disgusting desires.

people who watch grimphantom: hey Zephyrdicky why would you leave this "amazing" artist alone HE is just doing what HE wants, just kill yourself asshole!!!!

uuuuhh.....okay you called HIM amazing artist? do you know how old HIS Deviantart account is? IT'S 13! IT'S 13 YEARS OLD!!! and HE is still drawing these kind of fetish art!!! and the part that "just doing what HE wants" do you even consider the consequences of your actions GRIMPHANTOM or should i say GRIMPUSSY? huh? NO! you just want to post your art for your disgusting and stupid desires and showing them to your watchers to masturbate at your art and they keep supporting and supporting you! the worst part is the other artist who are "INSPIRED" by you, there are so many artists on Deviantart that has that art style that is similar to you, and the sad part is the children, the CHILDREN DUDE!!!! oh boi!! i have seen many 9 -12 year old kids looking up your fetish art and they loved it, and hey guess what? one kid strip off my classmate's clothes because she is so hot or something and he got expelled for that "art" of yours that's the problem with you kinds of artists you don't think about the consequences of your actions and didn't accept that your doing is wrong and being so entitled to yourselves!!

I have the nerve to confront this sick minded "artist" :Pls Help Me by ZEPHYRDICKY  

after you read this reply Grimpussy here HE says  "I do have fun and enjoy life but what are you doing? Complaining over others works like there's nothing better for you to do. Let me ask you, have you been neglected by your parents? Not much attention from them so you can act like an idiot A-hole and rant over everyone you think they deserve it?"

I have the right to complain about your work for a good reason you moron, your obsession on nudes you asshole, "like there is nothing better for you to do" oh please i have lots of things to do you sick minded fuck, I am a senior boy scout my rank is almost at eagle scout the highest rank of senior scouts and my grades on my school i am working hard for it to make them high to make my parents proud, and my animation that i am working on..... yeah i am working on it, and the part that i am neglected by my parents oh please you don't know how good are my parents are they want me to be a better person they teach me lots of life lessons my father teaches me medical practices and teaching me swordsmanship and how to be a good sociable person, while my mother teaches me to cook and helping me on my school work and both of them teaches me about life, and i have lots of attention from my parents and my friends, but what are you still doing? oh yeah! drawing fucking porn!

let's continue to HIS reply:
"I have your kind many times and it's getting boring watching the same pathetic morons who think that being a jerk to someone will make them feel better about doesn't, you're a waste of space and if you feel you haven't accomplished something that's your problem, don't go insulting people just because you're a miserable piece a crap."

I am doing this to you cause i don't hate you, i just hate of what your doing you have good talent grimphantom (maybe), but you choose your own way not listening to the right thing to do, and i don't have a sick thrill about being an asshole to others just to being feel good, and the "you haven't accomplished something" part, don't assume things buddy.

continue to grimpussy's reply:
"Now, instead of lecturing me about life, i think you're the one that needs those lessons, you really need them."
UH... okay i think it's the other way around buddy, your the one who needs life lessons, and the shocking part is that i am just 14 years old and you are just in your 30's or your 20's that's real shocking man, i think you have been spoiled by your parents or something.

Shitfasfdfd by ZEPHYRDICKY

grimphantom says "there's nothing anything to ruin since you don't have anything enjoyable in your life" do you know? are you watching and listening to my whole life? and again don't assume things that i have nothing enjoyable in my life cause i don't spent half of my life sitting in front of a computer looking like a miserable person like you.

]dcsfdfdrer by ZEPHYRDICKY

some artists who confront HIM also have beeen blocked also as well.

look, for all the fetish artists like grimphantom pls read this that DEVIANTART IS NOT A HALF PORN AND HALF ART SITE!!!!! this is not the right place hell, there is no right place to put it on any websites!

hope this changes the mind of these dirty minded fetish artists.


(actually i am not top first in class)


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