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I find it strange...
This account is a good as empty, but even though, it seems checked upon quite much.
It is even being deviant-watched. I'm not complaining, I just find it strange.
There are no deviations here. Is it because the user is/was someone familier?

It seems as this account was a waste from the very beginning, but admins don't seem to care. I gave at least a little activity.
I like the username, but I'm currently using another account because I've got the most stuff there. ...and admins don't care about things as name-change.

Anyway, good luck, have fun.
Now this has taken a step for the better!

This has previously been a name-wasted account.
What a shame... But I'll change that now.
And since it wasn't used anyway, I don't think anyone would care either.

I'm a little disappointed how dA don't seem to care about wasted accounts.
But maybe they're too many to keep look after...

Anyway, I'm not sure how to do... I'll think this over first.
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