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lgbtea 🌈☕️

enamel pins and stickers of this at 💕 
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Hello Zephy0, do you allow people to pay to use your art in social media posts? I'd love to use this one and give you credit for it! Please let me know.

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Hey I saw someone using this as an emote on discord, so I searched online and found the source here! My friend wants to use the emote in our discord as well, but I told them no since it's not ours to use. (The one I saw clearly had the signature cropped off, so I'm sure you didn't post it.)

I wanted to ask for permission to use it as an emote in our gaming server, and if not, that's 100% okay! We won't if you'd rather us not. :heart: Either way, I absolutely love it! Super cute design and definitely gonna check out your store next paycheck I get in :aww:

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awebo, mi té favorito 😎👊

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red: strychnine
orange: uranium-oxide
yellow: cicuta
green: arsenic
blue: cyanide
purple: belladonna
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Nice. Cool idea haha <3

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Take a sip, babes
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im buying the pin if i can owo
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Would you be cool with someone getting this as a tattoo?
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as long as the image isn't exactly copied, just the idea (Lgb'tea')
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clever word play!
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This needs to be an enamel pin!

..edit...Oh, it IS! lol!
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im totally putting this on facebook
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I need this it’s so cute, where can I get it from?
hey! my name is Emma, i help run a small lgbt account on instagram (the username is @/thedailylgbtea), and the other admins of the account and i were wondering if we could use this piece of art as our new profile picture! we would give you full credit, of course, and we won’t use it if you wouldn’t prefer. we’d really appreciate if you could get back to us soon! thanks!
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I see a lot of people freaking out about this but, I just wanted to say this looks lovely.
(Plus i love tea and support the lgbt community so...yea.😊)
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omg I LOVE this! =-D!
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Now with extra mental illness
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Wow its sad that someone would be as brainless as to waste their time by doing something like leaving garbage, rude, and offensive comments on a fucking piece of art.
Grow up you asshole.
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lol but it's true
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Why are you trying to stir up trouble on every deviation comments section?
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