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Tips for Drawing Faces

My face tutorial with little-known tips on blending, emotion, perspective, and some color tricks. I'm sharing them in hopes that more beautiful art will be created  : ))

I'm not teaching how to use circles/lines/geometry to proportion faces - there are enough resources for that out there.

Some are:
loish 's female face tutorial: tutorial - drawing a female face by loish
tracyjb 's expressions tutorial: Lackadaisy Expressions by tracyjb
Andrew Loomis's "Drawing Head and Hands"
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What0Th30R3d0Fox's avatar
Your tips are useful, also thanks for the links of other artists.
Jaasp's avatar
I forgot to breathe when you mention the "water mixing tool." Now that I have gained back the basic respiration capability, I thank you for this. My paintings take too long for a simple detail, and now you have helped me pick up the pace. 
zephy0's avatar
LOL glad to help ; )
Todesengell's avatar
Wow..I didn't know what the "water mixer tool" was on photoshop, so I searched for that.Turns out it's very useful.Thanks you so much  :) (Smile)
brechdaslicht's avatar
I am so glad you're making tutorials. Out of all the artists I know of, you probably have the best understanding of light and color. Your works are truly inspiring and your tutorials really helpful! Thanks~
CadaverCrafts's avatar
I cant believe you're only 17. You're already so good, i can't wait to see your art in 10 years or so. Lovely tutorial, i thought it was very helpful! :)
o0Narisa0o's avatar
Can you show us how to get that beautiful texture in your digital art?
zephy0's avatar
Hmm it's mostly in the brushes. I might talk about it someday : )
o0Narisa0o's avatar
Ok, thanks for telling me, and I hope you do talk about it someday :) love your work!
Tiquitoc's avatar
Excellent comrade, definitely I should give a try...
Avethy's avatar
hahah i love this
Tekila-onRice's avatar
A nice tutorial.

About blending in Photoshop:
I recommend the Mixer Brush Tool (can be found where the brush and pencil tool are, icon is a paintbrush with a droplet next to it). That tool does wonders.
Just pick one of these wide chalk-brushes set the brush to scattering (Count 1 or 2, scatter at 30~70% <- experiment witht that) and have fun.
I'd pick that over the SAI-Watertool anyday.
zephy0's avatar
Very true - forgot about Mixer Brush in this tutorial but also one of my go-to tools!
ixSuckahz's avatar
everything is a bitch to blend in tbh doesnt matter what art program, just... terrible
o0Narisa0o's avatar
actually manga studio 5 is pretty good for blending, the blending tool does it job, and most the time it it wont lag and theres also watercolour bushes and indian inks which give a nice texture to your painting
ixSuckahz's avatar
SORRY LATE REPLY// yes i have to agree there but for me manga sudio is a bit too complicated for me to use
o0Narisa0o's avatar
You could probably get used to it, but have fun with whatever you use :)
AnisSyazwani's avatar
I love your art but sadly I drew up as a not-so-colorful artist >_>'
otakukid01's avatar
DREW up!!?!?
AnisSyazwani's avatar
Oh shizz that was a typo >_>
Damn these ugly fingers of mine
otakukid01's avatar
oh.... well i thought it was an incredible pun :))
tdktdktdk's avatar
You said Photoshop is a bitch to blend in, meanwhile I'm sitting here thinking, "oh? SAI is a bitch to blend in xD"
satan-jnr's avatar
Twas very enjoyable to read, this will come in handy Big Fool Emoji-1 (Thumbs Up) [V2] 
ineverpostmydoodles's avatar
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