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Phone Addiction

If we're gonna hang out, get off your phone.


Is it wrong for me to be worried about technology addiction? It's so unnerving to see high-schoolers whither potential away because they are obsessed with getting superficial entertainment. You know what's scary, a student staying up until 6 am because they scrolled through vine videos and if you were to ask them "do you remember anything?" they would answer "I-I can't.."

30x40 in
oil on canvas
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Image size
1800x1349px 3.41 MB
Shutter Speed
1/2000 second
Focal Length
42 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Jan 16, 2016, 9:25:20 AM
© 2016 - 2021 zephy0
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2021 people still addicted to their phones.

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Thank you for making thiis image with the central figure screaming.
Have you seen, or perhaps working on an image that meets the challenge of addiction with the real path of recovery?
I do not come here often, but I do produce work at Google sites openonymous.
Real name Alan
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amazing just amazing, can i ask how long it took?
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Hmm maybe a month?
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oh thats pretty awesome : O 
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If you imagine like they're playing Pokémon GO then suddenly the picture gets better.
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Hi! This drawing fits perfectly in my Dutch assignment. I have to write an article about positivity in this world and how we can achieve that. May I use this?
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Sorry for the late reply; sure, go ahead!
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thank you very much!
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no this is not wrong to worry about phone addiction! listen here, the past 3 months ive gone to the theater 3 times and 2/3 times people were texting during the, the last time i went to zootopia and a lady behind me took pictures with her flash on during the whole movie!!!! Im seriously concerned that people cant put them down for a simple movie. just a few hours people.....
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daaang. this is amazing. powerful concept and portrayal of such.
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This is so powerful!!!!
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Smartphones connect us in the digital plane while tearing us away from the physical plane.
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Zephy, I have looked up to you as a role model for a while now. I have recently gotten into realism and aspire to draw like you. Do you have any tips with male and female anatomy? If it isn't that much of a hassle, may I also add you on skype? (Don't worry, I am not a stalker or the kind of person who sends inappropriate stuff) You seem like such a nice person and I would love to be friends with my idol c:  
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I feel your pain! I'd show this to my sister...but I doubt she'd get the point.
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Thank God I do not use my phone very often! Typically, the only time I'd use it is if I have to use it to call home when riding my bicycle is not an option. Unfortunately, the internet is an addiction I have. Lord willing, I will eventually wean myself off of it.
nice one .and good subject
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