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The windows of my mind have cracked from the pressure
The waters of my worries have overflowed

A heavy weight, pressed down on my shoulders and temples threaten to branch out and grow. A headache, everyday. Too much paper. Too much stress, accumulating. Relaxation is fleeting and dangerous.

This art is a reflection on stress; when there's a plethora of stress it's like you can physically feel it and you start acting like a zombie and it sucks. So if you're stressed go outside and bask in the spring sun, make muffins, do some relaxing shizz. You need it.

-starts singing Just Lose it by eminem-
Yaa guess whos back back again visaga's back hella

I was gone for awhile because Ive been working on an animation, I'm taking a break from it, to make ART!!!! MAHAHAHAH BITCHES

5 layers, PS CC, 3.5 days
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被梦困住 超级棒的作品 种种创意好牛掰 狂赞
chusiir's avatar
Absolutely love this
arteest-23-wild's avatar
That is totes true how i feel smtmes
xamili's avatar
ahhhh  so awesome! it sort reminds me of tokyo ghoul :D
RoyalTear's avatar
So awesome and creative. Love it!
pipersun's avatar
This is stunning. I love it.
iKurariisu's avatar
holy crap this is so cool!!
nekovi-chan's avatar
Everytime I see your art, it makes me want to cry. In a good way of course. There'd always such a unique surreal feel to your artwork, along with so my emotion topped off with your amazing drawing skills. Simply amazing.
EmeraldDaffodils's avatar
Beautiful! I'm not sure how this can be possible, but even more stunning than your usual art!
DewyPetals's avatar
I love this. Gorgeous work; I'm sure so very many artists on this site can relate to this. I know I can.
Walyco's avatar
Wow, your artwork speaks a lot ! It's beautiful ! 
Moonjay8's avatar
I love your use of colour and how it kind of distinguishes her world from the "overflow". Fits how I feel with exam time, and stress... Had four assignments, a test, and another period in a four-period day second last day of school...
LittlemissStitch's avatar
You're artwork just puts me in aw... I can't even speak.
raynetempura's avatar
Wow, Visaga, this is really so beautiful and terrifying and bright.
Abz-Art's avatar
hahahahah the description made me laugh. this is fantastic work!!!
Paulikaiser's avatar
That's amazing, keep up the good work Clap 
Tanukid's avatar
I find it really ironic that painting something about stress is actually therapeutic haha. Great work :]
Zazzine's avatar
The water and sharks looks really cool. Loving the textures!
LionessPath's avatar
That's just amzing.. I've no word to discrib all this.. It's.. just.. Wow Satone Impressed Icon 
Seattlempd's avatar
So beautiful! Great to have you back :D
torivan6's avatar
great work full of emotions  ...
Xender1500's avatar
It looks just like a nervous breakdown. Sadly, I've been there more than once...
It's amazing!!!
You did a great job on thisClap 
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