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Bright Eyes

By zephy0
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Bright eyes
my white eyes
A flash
all life dies.

^lol my shitty poetry, anyways inspired by yesterday where I almost became homeless; I had to walk for 4 hours at night along the road to get somewhere safe 'cause there's no sidewalks where I live. Man it was scary! Cars kept coming at me and I had to dodge them, I thought some drunk driver would come out and kill me lol luckily a nice woman offered me a ride. But yeah don't walk at night on the road folks. This is the impression I got when the headlights flashed in my eyes, they blinded me and it was hard to get a move on.

I was gonna add some more blood and some dead bodies but I figured it'd be too intense and creepy even for you all, don't wanna scare you guys too much : P
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Ahhh! This is so cool! Love it Neko love!  
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Ironic and weird - I was just looking at this trail cam pic on a clickbait a few hours ago. The real one is super creepy. Nice homage.
Now THAT is creepy. Definitely not something I would want to run into. Nope.
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This is amazingly creepy and well put together
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Uh... Am I the only one worried about the ".. inspired by yesterday where I almost became homeless.."?!
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First I want it say is, I won't have nightmares! That is because I have insombia and I cant sleep! Second I want to say it, this is some bootie fillet (beautiful) art skills Right There!
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I like how it's drawn in night vision
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Unbelievably creepy!! Amazing job!
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deers guarding back lady to Silent Hill :D

really like the presentation of the deers, very expressive with well shaped forms, the girl is a bit confusing to me, I mean her pose, like she has some kidney-stone problem:), but great composition, and the frontal light as lits the trees, creeps as it should.
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Wow, awesome work!
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Wow .. i loved so much La la la la I am a dummy! 
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That's enough to bring me a nightmare
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oops..  I accidentally clicked on a friends favorites gallery..  however, my sentiments are the same and I still hope the same for you..  :heart:
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aw, thank you :) Be sure to tell your friend that, too.
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wow..  great drawing!  Sorry about your experience and hoping that life is treating you a bit better by now.  Have't seen you when I have been online, which also hasn't been very often.. yet hopefully, now, and soon, I will be around a lot more as time goes on.  I'm getting a bit caught up now with life and all of the despairing situations I've been through in the last decade..  I would not wish despair on anyone..  only to be happy and to have peace..  hoping this for you as well..  I  cannot tell you enough how much I really like this drawing..  :heart:
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Oh wow, it looks like one creepy trail cam photo, all in all pretty intense, awesome work!!
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woah this is intense
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Great concept and composition. Loads of atmosphere here.
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I legitimately got creeped out.
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Ooooh it has a very skinwalker vibe. I'm lovin it!
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