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Banished Fears

Getting over your worst fears.
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i love this, surprisingly i got the exact same shoes .__.
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Ahh gorgeous, as always! Loving the detail in this picture... and the lighting is amazing.
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Omg omg that face! ;; v ;; Amazing like always! UwU 
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How did I not see this is my deviantWatch. :iconsoemotionalplz:
I am so sorry for saying this but I took a glance at your drawing and... why does the guy look like Justin Bieber? //shotdoead :iconminghideplz:
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interesting face

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Looks so amazing!!!
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love the coloring you did in this
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ahh love the hair texture :D
he has some green in it... I like it~
please continue the amazing work like usual
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This awesomely done! I love his pose and his cheeky smirk. He looks so... Mischievous? ;P

My only issue this this is the leg in front is HUGE. I mean, I understand it's pretty close but shouldn't it be... I don't know how to put that into words at the moment -fudge- ...shouldn't it be more laid out? I mean, unless he has huge legs and feet, I'm suspecting its a bit away from his body?

I especially love the coloring and as I said before, his expression. It's just so cheeky and mischievous. I love it.

Overalls I love this -like every other piece of your work- and can't wait to see even more. It's interesting and- I think I've rambled long enough.
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wink wink wink

Yes, it's supposed to be like right up in your face - that's why it's so dark - but I guess it is a bit big.
I really appreciate your critiques btw!

haha thank you! ;D
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Mischievous little... XD

It is quite big- if you were sitting like that but wanted your leg to appear ... Closer, wouldn't you spread it out more?

I'm glad you like my critiques! And I hope that once I finally get to your level, you can repay the favor. :dummy:

You're welcome! ^^
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Like, spread out more so you can see the thigh kinda?

Yeah, I'll return it any day. Just holla at me. (:
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Yeah. I guess. It's like 1:30AM. I'm pretty sure that's what I meant. XD -I'm sleepy but it's too freaking hot-

Great- I'll keep that in mind when I get near your level! C;
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what. Gurl get to bed. And sleep in your underwear, that's what I do.
I'm too lazy to fix the leg wahhh but I'll keep it in mind for next time I do something like this!

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I think I fell asleep like an hour later XD in my doorway because it was cooler than my hot bed >.<

Laziness strikes against xD
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:0000 omg that's hilarious

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Great textures.  He looks so relaxed XD
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I wish I had a familiar skills like yours :)
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