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I don't follow Hatsune Miku (didn't even know what it was until a few monthes ago lol)... I just picked the kid who looked the coolest as my fave xD

my fave band is Imogen Heap or Escape the Fates... imma gonna check out your favs since I need more songs for my shuffle Cx

pi rox mai sox.... oh yeah that's rite
[Sihria89] Commission- Vocaloid Oc- Katsumi Nana
woah that's some mad fast healing skills you got there o.o lol my parents would drag me to the doctors if they had to xD

lol xD

you gotta give something about your family though :T

Wow I'm seeing the word bake in a different light now.. D8

what memes do you like? Cx

So you don't listen to the radio in the car? Cuz I've never heard a Jmusic station before >.< Really sucks. Tru, my bro once said he crapped at work and I was like O.O but then he said he did it in the bathroom... I thought he didn't lol

I has no idea what FML is... D: Feeling More Lazybythesecond

Yeah I stopped for awhile too, I never finish any manga since by the time I pick it up again I forget the whole storyline lol xD

That girl who's twins with Len is my fav! The others besides Len are just not cute enough xD

What do Jews look like? Cx lol too lazy to research. Won't get traumatized by hardcore Yaoi? You must be pretty hardcore yourself...

I :heart: Pi, but then there was this kid who did like over 100 digits of Pi... can't beat him xD I bluffed after 3.1415926535489, I think that's right lol.

nooooo don't die!!! You're too young! *sad music plays* *the audience cries and the curtains close* The End. ...lol what an awful ending
[Sihria89] Commission- Vocaloid Oc- Katsumi Nana
uhoohooo ;-; I'll admit it! I've never broken a bone before! *pats yur back* look at the stars.... there is still hope! Your guitar is lonely! But a female guitar has descended upon us... and then they make little guitar babehs... ohohoho

wait, you can't walk straight? You mean you got swagger? O.O

lol that's cuz some people hate it when you try to be cute in order to get what you want... xD

the comedian who will masturbate and won't give a dam xD

I'd probably be scared poopless too... and then need therapy and commit suicide... O.O

Fakers are bakers who bake drugs and fake cupcakes! So when you eat it you become one of them... Dun dundundun. Dun dun dun duuunnn.

huh, then my friend would be level 1000 on the ADHD scale. No scratch that. He'd be over 9000!! ...lol dbz xD

JMusic is Japanese music right? I listen to K and J and A and E. You would listen to Chinese, it's really weird xD by c I mean cr-p... y'know but I had to replace it with poop Cx

got it doc, I'll make sure to hang out with the people who call me fags. lol but if I said fag to my ppl they would be like "say waaaaat" and "oh no yu didn't!!" ....or they would cry, some of them are kinda sensitive xD

dunno what you meant by trade lol xD Do you wanna trade art? *_*

OMG I red Loveless too!!! *squeals like a fangirl*
Why would they want Len/Ciel/Oz to be gay? xD the things fangirls do... oh wait I am one, I take that back...

lol in our school there are a ton of Asians and African Americans xD Oh no you seriously do not want to read a Yaoi O.O Especially hardcore! Never ever read those!! Cuz I accidentally read one before and right after the first 2 pages I quit and was traumatized for life xD

Pi=3.141592653548971537192:612823613638:;8.8/)/?.?1)1.&21 ....lol I have no idea but it's sumtin like that Cx

lol me too! Well actually I read it before but I never had the time to response since my mom is dragging me all over China and it's tough to find time and wifi here.... xD so that is my sob story! There is barely any wifi here!! ;__;
[Sihria89] Commission- Vocaloid Oc- Katsumi Nana
woah O.O How much accidents have you gotten into? it's hard for me to get into accidents, maybe cuz I drink a lot of milk lol. It really sucks that it affected your hands, I have no idea how you feel but I hope they get better D':

lol *dramatic music starts playing* I've been practicing my puppy dog look in front of the mirror for several years now.... and the time has finally come..! To get the full puppy dog powa!! ...ok maybe that was an exaggeration but I think it's pretty good xD Just don't do it in front of certain people because they will get pissed and try to punch yo face :l

OMG you must have guts or something if you don't care about being raped, most ppl would become suicidal O.O Applaud ppl who would've became suicidal! Applaud!
I bet that comedian said that from personal experience lol xD Oh wait, that just got some very nasty mental images.... okay mind out of the gutter now...

You mean the people who act super nerdy on the internet and advertise it everywhere? lol they are way fake >.< Like my imaginary friend used to say, Fakers are Bakers. (lol wut does this even mean)

I remember a irl friend I have! O.O He already left the school a bunch o monthes ago ;-; (I'm not sure if he's disabled, but he definitely has ADHD) We were playing Charades and there was this guy prancing with a purse, and he guessed prostitute xD Good times, good times... *cough cough* anyways lol

That girl that is like your sister... I can't say she reminds me of someone.... (no way does this mean I have a horrible social life!?) ..ok I really want to meet her now if she's really that bad D: Maybe I could help turn off those waterworks of hers! I'm no weird therapist but I think she wanted to be friends *Why Can't We Be Friends (aka most annoying song ever) starts playing in the background* Either that or she just wants to annoy the poop outta you xD ...I would say the c or s word but I'm still underage -__- WHY BAD WORD RULES!!! WHY!!!

....are the people you know in highschool? Because if they are, I'm really scared to go into there... where people call each other retarded fags.... and maybe other things... they definitely have problemsDD:

Well I would've definitely gave you permission to be a serial killer if you needed it as long as you get paid and get the bad guys, but I don't want you to end up in jail or something Cx So thank my mom for procrastination!

Fake ppl know they're fake? O.O That's new... dam I was sure if they knew that they would at least try to change it. You really don't wanna be a fake person, that's just gross :/

yay!!! *and other girly screams* xD Now let's trade something! ....wait do you mean artwork?

I suppose it's different if we can't see his pee wee.... wait wut.

Hmm, feminine boy... girly guy.... gay guy ...? manlady.... shemale.... ah ha! gay bottom transgender male! xD ...or am I overthinking things again....

and yep, I know what an Uke is, if I didn't then that'd be pretty weird considering most of the Asian population of my school are Yaoi fans xD But dam what a traumatizing experience when I first saw a yaoi manga O.O Never again!!

What! then that means the rest of the human population is equally horrible. Since we all have ups and downs. I love pi for instance. like dafuq, who loves pi? .....ok I'm turning into weirdo therapist here xD But you is awesome even if you curse a lot and almost made a beech cry Cx

lol check out those b0x0rz
[Sihria89] Commission- Vocaloid Oc- Katsumi Nana
Yeah, making different versions is smart, and dang! I forgot to include textures ;-; definitely try those out xD

It's ok if you don't want your own style C: I try out other's styles a lot to learn knacks that you can only find out from a certain style... and don't worry, as you improve, your style will develop and look prettier as well C;

YOU USE A MOUSE!! OMG!! O.O That's really tough. Did you ever think about getting a tablet? lol I don't have one either(I want to get it myself but I'm underage to get a job ;-;), but I think it would make things a whole lot easier and using other tools wouldn't be as hard. Um, for now, try zooming in super duper close to where you're gonna shade, and then try it with the other tools. That's what I do when I do digital and it works tons for me xD

Aww, that's a cute idea Cx It's ok, but now my puppy dog eye power has been wasted lol. I saw both of them in your gallery, so if she does hang them up like that it would be super cool xD

To your long ass rant: O.O Information overload in 3...2...1... *beep* *beep* *beep*
C'mere gimme a hug! *hugs* :iconbrohugplz: lol don't worry it's free C; Everyone wants friends who are honest and not fake xD I don't trust people if they give off that serial killer/public masturbator/pedophile/rapist vibe :/ Although I kind of soften towards the nerds/artist types, since they are sooo nice and funny!! And they're not fake either. lol anyhow your friends should have a problem about it, because if you guys are friends there needs to be trust. Just like any relationship (that sounds wrong but you know what I mean?)

I don't think anyone would say you draw like a fag (is that possible xD) or you're retarded, they would feel awful and mean after they wrote that D: Unless they have problemsAnd you don't draw like a fag nor are you retarded but I think you know that lol

Well, I haven't encountered anyone that fake in my life, but if you have, just point in their direction and I will understand your hatred. And maybe give them a slap or two.
Do you trust me? *uses puppy dog eyes yet again*

The Thinker (warning: naked man alert xD):[link]

What's a Shota? O.O lol is it a pretty boy? xD
[Sihria89] Commission- Vocaloid Oc- Katsumi Nana