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since I badly needed to practice light breeds I used a reference for this, sshhh XD quite like the outcome tho ^-^ sorry for the massive reference sheet spam XD (there are still way too many on my list D: )


Name of the horse: WChS Thalir (means harbinger)
Nickname of the horse: Thalir 
ID: ZS0082
Breed: Zlesdin
Gender: stallion
Age: 6 years
Height: 1,70 m
Color: Blue Roan Sabino (flaxen carrier)
Markings: all 4 legs, thin stripe, Sabino
Discipline: XC, Endurance
Owner/ Rider: Ash Dunning
Sire: DWeC Everast
Dam: ZS Hilas Spinosa
Bloodline: /
Genotype, if known: Ee aa Rnrn nSb -f

Theme song: follows

Breeding Informations
Breeding status: :bulletgreen: open :bulletgreen: (breeding picture required)

Possible heredity: unknown

Marshmallow - owned by Catiza

Thalir can be quite cold and isn't too interested in other horse's business and will simply enjoy being left alone on the pasture. He's behaving very mature and you'd barely see him fooling around. He doesn't like being touched too much, doesn't fancy washing or grooming either but what he IS fond of is his behind being scratched. There and ONLY there he will enjoy your hands stroking him.
He's a rather calm horse but might bite when he doesn't like something. He bears being ridden only after you earned his respect, but then will follow your instructions most of the time... just if it comes to his mind that he'd prefer to go that way... He will do so. If you don't stop him, that is.
Also he can be quite sensitive to weather predictions and feels a storm coming hours, sometimes even days before. He's quite alert and senses danger very well in general.

Harpg-de Credit Points: 
2 parents

Trophies and Prizes
Training Pictures 

Breeding Pictures 
.: sweeter than sweet :. by littleanimesecrets

Other Pictures 
Like day and night by Moeso


Zlesdin Point System:
Current Rank:
 Zayus (11 - 25 ZP)
Total = 24 ZP

Registration = 1 ZP

Bloodline & Offspring

Sire: DWeC Everast (Rank: Dimer) = 1 ZP
Dam: ZS Hilas Spinosa (Rank: Rhan) = 8 ZP

Offspring: Marshmallow (Rank: Dimer) = 1 ZP

Show Entries
ZSG Zlesdin Summer Grading Show / LEMME GOOH = 5 ZP

--> Relay-Endurance-Race (2015)
good morning by KimenLie = 1 ZP
Entry - Something Wrong (5th out of 7 teams) = 5 ZP

Training / Other Images

Art by Others
Like day and night by Moeso = 1 ZP
.: sweeter than sweet :. by littleanimesecrets = 1 ZP
Artwork by me
amazing design was made by SWC-arpg
pose reference
(partly overpainted) background photo by Colourize-Stock
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Wow, is this gorgeous boy open for breeding? :D