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thank you, Zoubstance, for the amazing design and your help with the names heh ~ 


Name of the horse: WChS Tazir (means fighter)
Nickname of the horse: Tazir, Tazzy (he doesn't like that name XD) 
ID: ZS0021
Breed: Zlesdin
Gender: stallion
Age: 10 years
Height: 1,70 m
Color: Rose Grey (bay base)
Markings: 2 socks on front legs
Discipline: Endurance, 3DE, Halter
Owner/ Rider: Kyrill Mikhailovich Taranow
Sire: unkown
Dam: unkown
Bloodline: /
Genotype, if known: Ee Aa nG Ff

Theme song: follows!

Breeding Informations
Breeding status: :bulletgreen: open :bulletgreen: (won't accept every mare - be sure to hold the foal active!)

Possible heredity: unknown

RPS Blackwood &
RPS Elvenbone owned by abosz007
SPM Sevimli Otlar bred by chelissima, owned by Templado

Tazir is a real fighter who isn't quite the cowardly sort of horse. He's usually acting calm and behaved, quite peacefully almost. But then again, when there is someone - especially another horse - challenging him or making him upset (<- even if not on purpose) he'll show rather aggressive behaviour and proof himself. That's also when he lost one eye as it was seriously damaged in a fight with a way stronger stallion since he would never back off and the vets couldn't help it anymore but remove the parts of the eye left. Still he isn't any scared of fights and if there comes some fight across he's not the type to avoid it. 
He has a great stamina and is obedient towards the people he trusts, although he still likes to be the dominant one, he'd only accept a partner as 'equal' and never as leader. He uses to challenge stranger riders in the beginning iiiiff he allowed you to get onto his back only of course.
Never come near him on his blind side without a warning or he'll show aggressive behaviour because he might see it as an attack.


FCS Halloween Extravaganza / (Un)Dead Fighters (3rd out of 8)
Lakeside Race Event / Watching out for one another (not judged yet)

--> Zlesdin Autumn Show (ZAS) (won Grand Champion Award)
-  Autumn Arrived 
Conjured Trust 
Blown Up Dust 

--> The-White-December 2015
The White December has just started 
Pretty Little Butt with KimenLie
Time to rest with KimenLie 
Purr with KimenLie
I didn't do it by KimenLie
What is that? by Maeix2
Entry - Adventurous 
Assignment #1 What is everyone's problem?

--> Devil's Crest Challenge (advanced) (1st out of 4) 
- Day 1: Cooling Break with dat-inu
- Day 2: Different Emotions with dat-inu

--> The-White-December 2017/18
Busted with CSStables
Already Lost?! by baaltas

Trophies and Prizes
Training Pictures 
Autumn Ride
Storm Hunters with valachhim
Tazir scribbles by baaltas
An Unforgiving Test
Proof of Endurance by baaltas

Breeding Pictures 
Foggy Encounter by samuRAI-same

Other Pictures 
...And a happy new year! by Zoubstance 
Xmas Extended by samuRAI-same 
The One with the Eyepatch by chelissima 
Holiday Globe by samuRAI-same
Advent Calendar HaRPG 2015 by Mendokusee


Zlesdin Point System:
Current Rank:
 Rhan (71 - 100 ZP)
Total = 99 ZP

Registration = 1 ZP
Zlesdin of the Month (Feb 2015) = 5 ZP

RPS Blackwood = 1 ZP
RPS Elvenbone = 1 ZP
SPM Sevimli Otlar = 1 ZP

Show Entries
FCS Halloween Extravaganza / (Un)Dead Fighters + 3rd = 7 ZP
Lakeside Race Event / Watching out for one another = 5 ZP
Zlesdin Autumn Show / Autumn Arrived = 5 ZP
Zlesdin Autumn Show / NOPE. = 5 ZP
Zlesdin Autumn Show / Conjured Trust = 5 ZP
Zlesdin Autumn Show/ Blown Up Dust = 5 ZP

--> The-White-December 2015
The White December has just started = 2 ZP
Pretty Little Butt = 3 ZP
Time to rest = 1 ZP
Purr = 3 ZP
I didn't do it = 1 ZP
What is that? = 1 ZP
Adventurous - Entry + 3rd = 7 ZP
What is everyone's problem? = 3 ZP

--> Devil's Crest Challenge (advanced) + 1st = 5 ZP
Day 1: Cooling Break = 5 ZP
Day 2: Different Emotions = 5 ZP

--> The-White-December 2017/18
- Busted = 1 ZP
- Already Lost?! = 1 ZP

Training / Other Images
Autumn Ride = 3 ZP
You Rock = 1,5 ZP
Storm Hunters = 2 ZP
Tazir scribbles = 1,5 ZP
An Unforgiving Test = 4 ZP
Proof of Endurance = 1 ZP

Art by Others
...And a happy new year! = 1 ZP
Xmas Extended = 1 ZP
The Taranta = 1 ZP
The One with the Eyepatch = 1 ZP
Holiday Globe = 1 ZP
Advent Calendar HaRPG 2015 = 1 ZP
Foggy Encounter = 1 ZP
© Artwork by me, no references used, own background photo used
designed by Zoubstance
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