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Little Bonfire



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Secretly Vachir had been looking forward quite a bit to the second stage of the race. Mainly because he'd always wanted to test his trusty 'mountain goat' in a different terrain. And of course the young stallion enjoyed to be able to run through the deep powdery snow for days. Even Vachir couldn't help but smile at his horse's enthusiasm. But then he suddenly encountered tracks. Had the other entrants already formed a camp? He decided to follow them. Apparently he had a newly acquired talent for finding people in distress. Oh, but he'd seen her before! Right at the start, she had that strange horse with that eyepatch. She was still quite a bit away from the people who had -telling from the tracks- probably built their camp somewhere nearby. He saw the sticks in the snow but there was no fire, she must be so cold! Of course he'd give her his flint stones since he always carried a spare pair in his pockets. Together they managed to get some fire and warmth. Only then he noticed that girl's remarkable eyes and he was sure he'd always remember her from now on. At least the fire also seemed to help to warm up some conversation. Vachir was just dying to hear how she ended up in this kind of race, she looked so young as well! She sure must know many unbelievable stories...

(*cough* props to the people who recognise her cloak ;P)

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:snowflake: PHASE II - Geilo through Lom to Geiranger

:snowflake: Nergui Vachir, Aquili Velaminis Asylum (Ukraine)
:snowflake: on Samar

:snowflake: featured:
- Ona (by baaltas) and Velox
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Love how the trees really do look like they're heavy with packed snow :heart: