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Name of the horse: WChS Asif (means acid)
Nickname of the horse: Asif 
ID: ZS0049
Breed: Zlesdin
Gender: stallion
Age: 6 years
Height: 1,69 m
Color: Bay Sabino
Markings: left front leg, stockings on hind legs, wide blaze
Discipline: Endurance, 3DE
Owner/ Rider: Riley Clancy
Sire: ZS Sagadir
Dam: ZS Zdrasti Adrenaline
Bloodline: /
Genotype, if known: Ee Aa nSb

Theme song: follows!

Breeding Informations
Breeding status: :bulletred: closed :bulletred:

Possible heredity: unknown


Asif is moody; often his mood depends on the weather as well. He sometimes lacks motivation to follow his rider's hand but if he's never lacking one thing, then that's energy. He can be really impatient and doesn't always like standing still while he could never resist a treat. Also, he can be very bitchy about things and likes to have his fur all groomed and neat and - of course - being the centre of attention is always a little goal in the back of his mind. Nobody knows why but he LOVES to get scratched between/behind his ears and uses to make weird sounds of pleasure whenever being stroked there XD. You can totally become his friend if you give him enough attention. He doesn't like being neglected, not at all, one better keeps him busy. (He knows enough ways to gain attention.)
Although he needs a gentle hand when being ridden, he mostly cooperates with his rider as long as treating him right.

Harpg-de Credit Points: 
2 parents = 2 points

Precision (collab with KimenLie) = 7 points (1st + Grand Champion (out of 10 entries))
ZSG Zlesdin Summer Grading Show / Golden Boy = 4 points (Judge's Choice)

--> Relay-Endurance-Race (2015)
Advice from Mom (collab with Zoubstance)
- EntryRain (2nd out of 7 teams)

Trophies and Prizes
Training Pictures 
An Unusual Offer = 3 points

Breeding Pictures 

Other Pictures 
Breath of New Life = 3 points
Fancey Rileyyy by valachhim = 1 point
Riley is fancy ~ by Zoubstance = 1 point

:iconzlesdin: = 2 points

Zlesdin Point System:
Current Rank:
 Tazer (46 - 70 ZP)
Total = 53 ZP

Registration = 1 ZP

Bloodline & Offspring

Sire: ZS Sagadir (Rank: Rhan) = 8 ZP
Dam: ZS Zdrasti Adrenaline (Rank: Khan) = 10 ZP

Show Entries
Precision + 1st (+ Grand Champion Title) = 10 ZP
ZSG Zlesdin Summer Grading Show / Golden Boy (+ Judge's Choice) = 5 ZP

--> Relay-Endurance-Race (2015)
Advice from Mom = 2 ZP
- EntryRain (2nd out of 7 teams) = 8 ZP

Training / Other Images
Breath of New Life = 3 ZP
An Unusual Offer = 3 ZP

Art by Others
Joseph, Mary and Jesus = 1 ZP
Fancey Rileyyy = 1 ZP
Riley is fancy ~ = 1 ZP
Artwork and char by me
breed by Zoubstance x3
no references used (own photo bg)
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Asiiiiif! :la:  Man, this fella grew into one studly steed. And I love how you made him resemble both his parents; both in looks and in personality, aww! 
They should totally all take a 'family outing' one day, haha :giggle: 

He sounds like such a precious little douche from his personality xD  His face is priceless and fits the description perfectly <33