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Denim Texture, Pattern, Brush

You have to down for the high res stuff and brushes. compressed into a zip for you guys.

Denim texture jpg with
corresponding CS3 pattern and brush
© 2009 - 2021 Zephroth
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For what it's worth, I used this and I was thoroughly happy when using it. Thank you!
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Your brush only works in black and white, Gimp does not recognize your pattern. Nice try though.
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hmm. interesting. I hadnt created a gimp brush as of yet. might just try to use the texture directly. it was built for photoshop at least CS1 and above.
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I had to convert it with my ABR viewer. It does work in Gimp but only in black. It is not picking up color even though it's created in RGB mode. The pattern which was included in your zip file is not recognized by GIMP. If you did not create this pattern with Gimp, Gimp will not recognize it even if it has a .pat extension. The JPG however, does work. It can be placed in the Gimp Patterns folder and works beautifully. Nice work on that. Good job.
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Used for the girl's outfit here: [link] Thanks!
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looks good. Im glad it worked out for you XD
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Hey Zeph I used your txture here:

=] enjoy
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I did enjoy much XD
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aww thats wonderful =] im glad you enjoyed it =D
I believe there will be more designs like that =]
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and their will be more textures when i get a chance to pull them off of my camera XD.
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ah I see get some now XD their really usefull like the jeans hehe
have you got something like silk?
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i can take a look. silk is a product realy of shading though. its kind of a hard texture to create in digital XD but i can get the texture of the cloth at least XD
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lol that would be great, hm im thinking of swords now lol
well the razor part xD don't think its possible to get that huh
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This is quite useful for my next Persona 4 fanarts! Thank you so much!
Hey man, hope you get better from the food poisoning soon, those damn pizzas! (well, they're tasty too). Sorry I comment that here. Take care.
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it took some time to build for sure. its the same one i used for the modern day samurai image. im already feeling a bit better. wasn't a serious poisoning just enough to be annoying.
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