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To Be Hive
Let me tell you why I cannot stay here. When I was still at the main facility, the humans told me I am not a Xenomorph. Xenomorphs can communicate with their mouths to each other and though Hivespeak. I can speak with my mouth as you can already tell. But so can humans. To prove that I am not a Xenomorph they took me to a room that connected with an artificial Hive that have Xenomorphs inside it. They told me that the window is two ways so we can see each other. And like Xenomorphs I can see ones pheromones. Then they said "If you are a Xenomorph, then you can talk to them through the Hive. This window and the walls are sound proof. Call to them and if they hear you, you are a Xenomorph."
I went up to the window and two of the Xenomorphs came up to it as well. I looked at them and they looked at me. I went up to the window and put a paw on it and asked one of them to do the same so i know they could hear me.
They looked at each other and back at me and at my paw......and then......Then
:iconzepher87:Zepher87 11 16
Signature Mech by Zepher87 Signature Mech :iconzepher87:Zepher87 4 30 Kara, Tiberium Furdragon by Zepher87 Kara, Tiberium Furdragon :iconzepher87:Zepher87 11 53
This place called home
Tonight I sleep alone.
In my bed, at my home.
The air move's with my fan
as it spins above my bed
in a place that i call home.
My body lies on my bed
more silent then my fan
more cold then my bed
in this place that i call home.
Though alone I now lay
it was always not this way
for two once laid upon my bed
in this place that i call home.
Now alone I do lie
on this bed of emptie dreams
in this place that i call home.
As I lay down to sleep
I can only cry and weep
as I paw at that space
In this place that i call home
In a home You'll find warmth
In a home you'll find love
All these things you'll never find
In this place that i call home.
In this place that i call home.
:iconzepher87:Zepher87 5 13
The Cold Stone Cell
Rain. The sound of rain hitting stone. The splash of each rain drop on cold stone brick's on the ground and walls and roof. Is the only sound I hear that bring's some small bit of comfort to my bleek and sorry life.
After all. Apart from it the only thing i hear is the clicking of claw's on stone as other dragon's here get time outside or the clicking of talon's on the stone hall's during the changeing of the guard's.
They used to let me out to shower but that only happene's once a.......When was the last time? I can't remember. I don't even know how long i've been here. I started keeping track but I stoped after the 2nd month........And the visit's from........ my sibling. I cant say the name of my sibling in case someone gets there hands on this journal. I cant say anything that might give my younger sibling away. So from now on in the journal i'll just call my sibling Little One. I always teased Little One about being smaller then me, not surpriseing since i got three years on my si
:iconzepher87:Zepher87 5 40
Seris, Xenomorph Dragon Hybrid
Name: Seris Victoria
Race: Xenomorph
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bi
Description:  Seris is a rare kind of xenomorph. Shes a hybrid of xeno and dragon DNA. She has 3 fingers and a thumb like some have but her legs are more bird like. There reverse bipedle with 3 claws and a "thumb" for griping. Seris has a large pair of wings that are not only felxable and tough but she can fold them and retract them so they just look like large overlaping scales on her back. The tips of her wings are a lot like her tail tip, there very sharp and pointed like a spear. She stands at 6' mostly due to her stance. Her tail is also 6' with a spear like tip. Like all Xeno's she has Hydrofloren acid for blood and her seliva has healing properties that work on both xeno's and other living creatures. She can also secreat a liqued that solidifys and can be used to build things with. Dispite her size and apperence she's very flexable and can fit into small spaces that most would think far too big for her. She
:iconzepher87:Zepher87 9 29
Pokemon Trainer for dragonriser15 by Zepher87 Pokemon Trainer for dragonriser15 :iconzepher87:Zepher87 4 4
Zepher's Reference Sheet
Name: Zepher Blackbird
Clan: Blackbird (Black furdragon's with the Shadow element, knowen as professional assassin's.)
Age: 16
Specie's: Furdragon
Sex: Male
Element(s): Shadow (Main), and Earth.
Personel item's: A pack to carrie anything of worth in. A green scarf, that was givin to Zepher by his little brother and "Is filled with his happyness to keep Zepher warm in even the most fearce blizzard.". A journal, that Zepher write's not only about whats going on in his life but also poem's that he write's. And the last thing is a shiv the shape of a arrow head thats two talions wide and as long as his paw with a single sharp edge that he used to almost commite suicide. Zepher still bears the scar on the left side of his neck from when he tried to kill himself in prision.
Bio: Zepher is quite and mysteriou's and offten keep's to himself unless he feels he needs to speak. Hes slow to trust other's cause of his past experience but is obveiou's about how he feel's toward's other's and is almo
:iconzepher87:Zepher87 7 14
Tearzah, The Pokemon Trainer by Zepher87 Tearzah, The Pokemon Trainer :iconzepher87:Zepher87 2 77


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Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?

Then he is not omnipotent.

Is he able, but not willing?

Then he is malevolent.

Is he able and willing?

Then whence cometh evil?

Is he neither able nor willing?

Then why call him God?


:iconimthinkingplz: also if none's physically seen or heard God why do they refer to It as a "He" or "Father"?

(Yes I copied this from someone else's journal. I still love it and agree with it.)

  • Listening to: One X, Bitter Taste by Three Days Grace
  • Reading: Dragon Champion
  • Watching: Fairy Tail, One Piece, NCIS, Naruto Shippuden
  • Playing: Battlefield 3 & Dark Souls
  • Eating: crunchwrap supream
  • Drinking: mountain dew


Eddie Kent
United States
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Favourite style of art: free style
Wallpaper of choice: warfang_forest_by_insaneus
Favourite cartoon character: Scooby Doo
Personal Quote: Shazzam


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