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ZZ Umgah 2

By zenzmurfy
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DrawPLZ Topic: Draw a hideous monster

I was thinking the Umgah from Star Control were pretty hideous and insane.

Umgah Trollface was done in Painter. This Umgah was done on DeviantArt's online web page based paint program. I really like the oil brush and smear brush on this program. 
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47nessProfessional Digital Artist
Neat interpretation of this galaxy's prankster race. :>

Considering no two Umgah look the same (due to all their wild self-surgeries) this could easily be one you'd meet in the game. :D
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zenzmurfy General Artist
Thanks! Yeah Umgah's are all about being random and mutating.

Now that you mention it. It would be cool to have more versions of each race in the game. Imagine a few different captain screens to swap between. I shudder at the amount of work though. :)
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47nessProfessional Digital Artist
Totally. :D I guess exceptions would be the Orz (for ...reasons) and, if they were still around, the Androsynth who were all clones. :clone:
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vt2000Hobbyist Artist
That is pretty hidden creature ..... and I wonder how your day going? 
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zenzmurfy General Artist
Those aliens may be hideous and insane, but they're interesting to draw, all those round and wet shiny bits all over.