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El psicopata de carnage.

Photoshop Cs2

Venom [link]
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I just got finished reading Deadpool vs. Carnage (my first introduction to Carnage since I wasn't a big Spiderman fan until recently) and holy shit is this guy terrifying!
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I like carnage so much being is so crazy 
i personally think carnage is a great villian even better than venom. i do feel venom is kind of overrated at times and dont seem all that bad. calling someone like carnage evil or bad is just an understatement. he is far worse than any of those names. he is a staight up maniac and murderer and proud of it. he enjoys killing it gives him pleasure (yeah pleasure like he gets a hard on for killing people friggin gross) possibly spideys most powerful and darkest foe that he almost been resort to team up with venom to take this son of a biscuit out. although i still fill green goblin is till spidey's primary arch nemisis but carnage is way more nightmarish and down right demonic than osborn. yeah osborn is all those things too and just as evil as carnage. the only difference is carnage is more evil and kills for the sheer joy osborn only kills if he feel people r going to be a problem and who will get in his ways of his evil schemes. osborn is obout ruling and concuring carnage just want to see the world go into chaos. two big arch nemisis that gives spidey alot of crap. but carnage is just plain ass creepy.
cletus cassidy aka carnage born (1980-2014) many of u all know who this lovable psychopath is already so i just say why i love carnage and he is a excellent villian. Cletus Cassidy was born in home abusive parents. already demonic at a young age he later killed his grandmother by pushing her down the stairs. he went to live in a orphanage after his dad killed his mom. as he grew older he later burned the orphanage and killed a girl who rejected him. he later became a notorious mass murder and serial killer who would later servered 11 prison terms for all the murders he commited. yeah already this guy was a piece of work. as u all know he became carnage after eddie brock latched with the symbiote again and what little latched on to carnage becoming the homcidal maniac we know and love.
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Maximum Carnage comes to mind.
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de nada
siempre me encanta cuando este tipo aparece por que ahi es cuando los comics de Spiderman se ponen mas violentos :iconikilleditplz:
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asi es todo es mas gore con el. :XD:
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mas hasta que con Venom :rofl:
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