$20 Clean Sketch Commissions
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Open Commission Slots:  Click Me!

After being put on hold it's finally time to open up for commissions again, yay! These will be clean bust sketches like the examples below. These sketches I finish in 6-10 hours depending on how detailed they are, and I usually have them finished within 3 weeks. I'll have 3 slots open at a time. This is to ensure that the last person on the list doesn't have to wait for too long.

Comm - Shepard and Jack by ZenopicComm - Niall by Zenopic
Comm - Jack, Lala and Kee by Zenopic

More examples here: Commission Gallery

Okay, enough blah’s! Look below how to get started:

Sketch: 20 USD
+ 15 USD for an extra character
+ 5 USD for per extra detailed work (e.g. hair, armor, weapons, clothing, items, etc.)

For the time being I only accept payment through PayPal. Do NOT send me payment until I have accepted your commission.

Send me a note, title it “Commission” and include the following:

  • Paypal Email and Deviantart Name:
  • Number of Characters in the picture:
  • Character Info and References:  Preferably image references, but could also include a very brief personality description and other defining aspects of your character.
  • Specifics:  e.g. pose, expression, clothing, relationship etc.

Note: Have in mind that the better reference quality, the easier and faster the commission process will go for both of us<3

If you don't have a deviantart account you can send me an email at: poofnut@hotmail.com and fill out the above information

What l can do:

  • Original and Fanart characters
  • Humans with wings, horns, animal features etc.
  • Couples (BL / GL / Hetro)

What I won’t do:

  • Full Anthro / Furries / Animals
  • Non-humanlike Aliens
  • Machines and robots
  • Backgrounds

Note that the finished work will be posted on this deviantart account serving as commission examples. Appropriate ownership will be made visible in the artist's description and you still have all rights to original characters. You can use the picture anyway you like, however, you may not claim false ownership, steal it or use the picture for profit in any way.

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