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Photoshop Mixer Brush Settings - Tutorial

I made this quick little tutorial for you guys, because I couldn´t find any good explanations on the Mixer Brush Settings. Here we go! :D
Any questions or additional comments are welcome you guys!

Also check out the Photoshop Background Eraser Tool - Tutorial

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Thanks so much for explainging :happybounce:
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Is this only in CC? I'm using CS4 and don't have this option.
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Hey McGillustrator, the mixer brush was introduced with Photoshop CS5.
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Ah, I see. Thanks for the info. Doesn't look like I'll be able to hold off much longer haha :-?
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In this video Colin Smith from Adobe talks about some of the new features in CS5:…
Here you can learn about some of the new features of CS6:…
And last but not least: The new Photoshop CC14 features…
and CC15:…

Maybe this can help to decide :)
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Thanks for taking the time to explain the settings for the mixer brush! 
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Now this explains a lot. Thanks for this! ^_^
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nice clarification - thanks.
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This is awesome, I've been using PS for years and haven't even bothered with this because what the heck :P now I know! and will use <3 thank you!
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Very helpful thanks! :)
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thanks for this little guide - very helpful! :heart:
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