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Published: October 24, 2010

:new: UPDATE :new:

All my Commissions information - types, price, status; as well as available adoptables, can be found here:

Please take a careful look if you are interested in commissioning/adopting from me. Make sure you don't miss the TOS~!
Feel free to drop me a note any time if you are interested, or simply have a question~!

Have a nice day, everyone! o/ <3

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Is the commission still open ? I want to request couple : X
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Yes, it's open. You can do as instructed on the site to send me the information. ovob
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omfgHobbyist Traditional Artist
I can't get your commission page to open on my cell. D: Are you open, by chance? 
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Which style of commission are you looking for? You can take a look at my gallery to see the styles' names. :)
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Absolutely interested. Currently lacking funds, but should be paid by this coming Thursday. Should you still be available, I might drop you a note if you're interested. I have a couple of characters I occasionally have done and updated, considering I roleplay as them. Your style is rather fetching, and I'd love to see how you interpret them, should you be interested. :) (Smile) 
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Hello, thank you for the interest!
And yes sure you can note me the information now if you are interested. I don't really mind when you send the payment, since I will only start working on your commission after full payments. And I do accept payment plans too, as you can see in my TOS. So you can take your time with it if you need to. C:

I hope this helps! <3
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Awesome! Beautiful to hear, I really appreciate the understanding and careful consideration you put forth. It's really nice when folks work with others like that. I also appreciate the quick response! I'll likely begin to work out details and such tomorrow, considering I have work tomorrow and it's time to head off to sleep as of now, but I'll certainly toss you a note tomorrow regarding things. I'll likely have two characters done, and according to my paycheck on Thursday, I'll know whether or not I'll have to work out a payment plan, or not. 

I've glanced over the options available and pricing, that you've listed on your site, and I'll have to discuss a few details with you for verification and understanding of just how much it'll run me, not that it's a bad thing. That will also dictate whether or not I'll have to pay incrementally, or put down full payment for one at a time. A good idea will be nice so I know what to set aside in my paypal. :) 

Thank you, and have a wonderful day/evening!
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Yes, I will give you a detailed price breakdown after having the information of what I'll need to work on for you. C:
I will look forward to your note. 
Good night! 
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Omg I am so tempted DX
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Drop me a note anytime~ ovo/ <3
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czmAveryHobbyist General Artist
If I were to eventually (this is far out, since I just moved across states and am now strapped for money ... but EVENTUALLY) have you draw some of my characters from a book I'm writing, and have you design an outfit on them when you do the commission ... would it count as a commercial commission if I kept the art purely for personal use, but used the designed outfit as their canon outfit in the book? Or would it still be considered a personal commission, since the art is for personal use ...

IDK ... sorry if that was confusing. X'D Just trying to figure out how much I need to save before I can get my hopes up. ;w;
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That would still be considered a commercial use, I'm afraid, since you still make profit from my design. But I will apply a lower commercial rate than I normally do in this case. You can note me for the exact rate if you like. ^_^
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So pretty.. Must save..
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Awh, thank you for the interest! (and the donations)
Drop me a note anytime you are ready to~! <3
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8DeroneHobbyist Digital Artist
Is the price list the same as the price list for the commercial commissions? 
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It's stated in the Notes under the price list: The list is for personal use only. For commercial rates you can contact me for more information. C:
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RushlanHobbyist Artist
one day QQ
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JuxtaFluxHobbyist Digital Artist
I really love your character designs, do you do customs? 
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Yes, they're listed as character designing commissions in my price list. (The designing fee is added according to your order.) C:
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JuxtaFluxHobbyist Digital Artist
I don't see it in the price list? Unless you mean that the character designs are commission type + designing fee. Time to start saving up lol
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Yes it's correct. C:
The total price is the sum up of all elements' prices. 
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Weeping-Angel-FishStudent General Artist
One question
So.... Painted colored and full body
would be 2000 DA points correct? Or is my math wrong....
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It would start from 20,000. C:
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