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Published: January 8, 2013
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Hi there, thanks for passing by!
Here are some answered frequently asked questions, just in case you are wondering something about me and my stuffs. C:

Hope you have a nice day!
And please feel free to ask me anything unanswered, I'll try my best to reply to any question. ^_^/

Btw this amazing journal CSS is made by the amazing pjuk. You can look up her gallery for the CSS, or simply search DA with the key words 'Journal for FAQ'! o/


Name? Can I know your real name?
You can call me 'Omocha'/'Omo'/'Zen'/'Zenith'. If you already know my real name, go ahead and call me with the name if you like. (Please don't call me with my real name in public though) C: If you haven't, sorry but I will only tell you under certain circumstances.

24th, October, 1987, Scorpio (+Libra).

I'm bisexual.

I'm a typical Scorpio, with a hint of Libra's (bad)traits. That's about it. You can also google my b-day if you want to know more about my personality hahah. It's surprisingly true.

I have around 8+ years experience working for art/comic/game companies as a 2D/comic artist. But I'm working as a freelancing artist now. C:

A family of mom and a lil-bro.


When did you start drawing?
Since I was... a kid?
I mean, I started drawing digitally 1 year after joining DA, and 3 years later I started using a tablet.

Did you study art? Which school/course?
No I didn't go through any official art course/class/school. I majored in Foreign Trade in university.
My skills mostly come from experiences working for art companies and self-studying.

What do you enjoy drawing the most?
Uhm- pretty much everything. I like drawing/creating details, I guess. Still practicing a lot.

What inspires you to draw? Do you often get artblocks?
To be honest, I am like always in an artblock. And when it gets worst, I often bother people's characters by making random live giveaways at my livestream. C: Doodling kills my artblock quite well. Music and manga help too, but not always.
Oh and I often draw better while watching someone drawing /being watched hahah.


Do you use a tablet?
Yes, of course. My 1st tablet was a Genius. Now I am using a Wacom Intuos 4 Large.

Which programs do you use?
Paintool SAI for drawing, coloring, and most of the effects.
Photoshop CS3-5 for editing picture and adding more effects if needed, also for animating pixels.
I also randomly use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Flash for some random purposes, but I'm not into them.
I use Debut to record my drawing process, and Video Pad to edit the recordings.

What do you use to pixel?
Binary tool in SAI, or pencil tool in PS. I personally prefer SAI. I move it to PS if I want to animate it though.

Do you draw traditionally? Or only digitally?
I CAN draw traditionally, and I used to use water color and colored pencils a lot. But not now. I don't think I am good at, or patient enough for that.

Do you think better tools make better artists?
Hmm, yes, and no.
Yes because, of course, for example, a tablet is always more effective than a mouse. And a Cintique is more effective than a Genius.
No, because, the main factor that makes you a better artist is still your skills, imo.
It's good you know about many programs, or use a better tablet. But the matter is how much you understand about their abilities/features and make the best use out of them.
If you own all the best stuffs without knowing how to use them, it's still useless.
There are pro artists I know now still use PS7 and mouses! And noone can say their arts' quality is bad.
So don't say something like 'That person uses a better tablet than mine, of course he draws better than me.' Because you know yourself it's not the reason, right?
PRACTICE THE HELL OUT OF WHAT YOU HAVE, till you can earn yourself better tools, then KEEP PRACTICING!


Can you make tutorials on *inserts something here*?
I will definitely think about that.
You can take a look at my walkthroughs folder and my favourite folders: Tutorials if you haven't. Maybe you can find something useful there.

Can you share your SAI/PS brush settings?
Honestly, I don't have any favorite-default-unchanged brush setting. I adjust the brushes a lot while drawing to achieve whatever I want to achieve.
But you can look at my walkthroughs folder, I tried to include some tool settings in the walkthoughs. Hope they help!

Is there anything else you can share/help us on starting drawing and such?
Well I was interviewed here: fav.me/d6frggy
You can read that journal, I answered some similar questions there. Hopefully it'll help. ^_^
Also, I came across a very useful post by  Joe Madureira on Art advices: Click!. I think it will be a lot of help for you too. C:


Do you accept art jobs/commercial commissions when you're closing for commissions?
Yes. I can consider that. Please send me a note about the job. And please also include the highest offer you can give, to avoid confusion. Thank you. C:

When will you open commissions again?
I will announce in my Journals whenever I reopen for commissions. So if you want you can add watch me to stay tuned. Or you can also ask for a slot in my waiting list.

Why is your commission price so high?
Because I think it's worth it.

Why is my commission taking so long to finish?
I am sorry about that, but it's mainly because I am terribly busy.
Also, it can be because I want to draw your commission at a better level than my current level. So I want to delay it till I reach it.
If you want to give me a deadline, please feel free to nag me though. But I can assure I won't let you down with the outcome of the commission.

Do you take requests?
Mostly no. NO. Unless you join my live giveaways sometimes at my livestream. And it's live. I will announce it on my journal when and only when I want to host that event. So please don't ask me on my front page or deviation's comments or anywhere else if I take requests (or I will end up marking your comment as a spam if I'm not in a good mood.)

And not all of my livestreams are for live requests so, please read the journal before you decide to join the livestream to know what I'm going to do there. And please don't join it if you just aim for a live request, while I'm not hosting it. Thank you.

Can we do art trades? Or collabs?
Are you my friend?
If you are, I think you know I am busy. So I'm so sorry for the long wait. OTL
If you're not, sorry, I am too busy for that.
I normally am the 1st one who asks for these though.

Can you join my projects? Or art books? Or contest?
Please NOTE me the info of your project/artbook/contest. Don't comment on my front page about these. I will consider. But I will be picky, because I'm terribly busy.


Can I draw/cosplay your OCs/mascots?
Sure you can, no need to ask. However I hope that you know about them enough not to make them OOC. Also, proper credits are a must.

Can I edit/repost your pictures/use them as my avatar/signatures/my OCs references on RPing websites etc?
No please. Most of the pictures in my gallery are commissioned pieces that are paid for. It's not my rights to give you the permission to use them. Other pieces are my personal things, or gifts for the others, so I can't give you the permission either. I hope you understand and don't mind.
However, if it's a commission, you can try asking the characters' owners for the permission if you want to.

Can I redraw/use your arts as references?
You can. As long as:
1. It's for non-commercial purposes (like for practicing purpose).
2. In case you submit your version somewhere, you give me my credits and link back to my original work.
No commercial purpose is allowed. Sorry.

Do you have any favourite artists?
Certainly. I'll list some: Cushart, su-ke, Endling. And many other artists.

I want to be like you! How can I be as good as you?
I am not sure if I am even better than you but- the key is practice.
Ah- but please be yourself.

What are the types of comments that you don't like/ don't consider as compliments (even if the commenters mean it that way)? Why?
Well there are some:
- "This character looks like/reminds me of ..." [insert whoever here: a random anime character, a random OC/acquaintance of commenter's, or even commenter themself]  (I don't think any parent likes hearing their kid looks alike their neighbor's, if you know what I mean.)

- "You're so talented!" (Ugh. This would work as a compliment if I were 3 years old. But I am much older than that. What I am capable of doing now is not a result of my talent alone. Sad story. But it has been tears, sweats, blood, sleepless nights, practicing, and perseverance, not only mine, but my family's and many other people's as well. And no I'm not over exaggerating.)

- "I/One can never be as good as you with the same amount of practicing!" (....What makes you think so? I don't even. This makes me laugh. Not even a funny joke. Just shut up and practice if you want to improve. I do the same.)

- "You're so lucky." (No, I earned it.)

How to become a 2D artist at a game studio like you? Is there any special requirement?
The key is still your art skills. So practice. Next, your social and working skills. So, practice again? And lastly, good luck!

You think you're a good artist?
No. But I think I know my strong points. And weakness too. And I'm still practicing.

You think you're a good person?
Definitely no. But *repeats*I know my strong points, and weakness too. And I'm still alive.

Can we be friends?
I think you know 'friends' can't be formed just by asking for. It's even more difficult to be friends with someone like me, trust me. c:
And please don't ask me questions like 'how are you?', 'what are you doing?'. I find it kinda pointless to start talking that way with DA comments, since the convo can't be continuous you know? orz

Are you happy now?
LOL. No. Maybe? I am optimistic though, just too careful, blunt, sarcastic, and human.

What's your gender actually? Why don't you just put your gender on your profile?
Simply because my gender is the 'Other' of the 3 choices? C:
Say, I don't want to be fake, in any case, not again. So yeah. That's about it. I hope you don't mind I'm a bisexual though.
And to anyone that calls me 'fake' without knowing me in person, while being just the same/worse than me which you-knows-best-yourself: F.Y, GTFO.
Oh sorry I shouldn't have said that again. But yes that's it.

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YAAAS! Genius tablet users! XD
My first tablet was a genius too! I thought noone knew tht brand 0.0
Wencekatie-20's avatar
Wencekatie-20Hobbyist General Artist
Hi. I wanted to know if you use a model (like body-kun or a something like that) to draw. (Also I really like your art :3)
ZenithOmocha's avatar
Hello! Thank you! 
And no I don't use models to draw. I have been considering it, but I haven't found there's a need for it. :)
swordmasterqueen's avatar
swordmasterqueenHobbyist Digital Artist
Are you still dating Hachiimi?
Sinamuna's avatar
SinamunaProfessional Digital Artist
I'm surprised you didn't add Hachiimi to your Relationships part.

I love your art style, it's super cute.
Estera-J's avatar
Estera-JHobbyist Photographer
you seem like a very interesting person :) Nice to meet you, your art is amazing, but I'm sure you know that already haha
ZenithOmocha's avatar
Thank you. Nice to meet you too. C:
Estera-J's avatar
Estera-JHobbyist Photographer
Creepypastasarecool's avatar
CreepypastasarecoolStudent General Artist
May I know you nationality?
ZenithOmocha's avatar
Vietnamese, it's written on my DA profile. C:
Creepypastasarecool's avatar
CreepypastasarecoolStudent General Artist
thank you!
Junshiro's avatar
Recently I started getting more comments...like this "this oc reminds me of......." "this oc looks like......" "this oc looks similar to...." blablabla........... And I totally know why you don't like it.......
zarr-san's avatar
i'm using you as my artist research for my gcse art class and i hope you dont mind.:D (Big Grin)  i'm glad you have a q&a page it helps me a lot so thank you
ZenithOmocha's avatar
You're welcome. I'm glad I could help. C:
Celuthien's avatar
CeluthienHobbyist Digital Artist
I would like to ask a question that's not listed here, if you don't mind :)

How did you become as popular as you are?

I say this knowing that your work has very high quality and deserves every bit of attention it's gotten up to this point, but how did you get so much publicity? Did you do a lot of requests and art trades in the beginning, or were you very active on forums and people started noticing? How did you manage to get to a point where you get this many commissions?

I guess what I'm really asking is how would I go about getting myself OUT THERE? 
ZenithOmocha's avatar

Well if you are asking about myself, I didn't really do any special thing to get myself out there. I didn't do a lot of requests nor art trades, nor active in forums. 

I have been on DA for a very long time and actually in the 1st 3-4 years or so I was not active at all (so of course hardly anyone knew me back then.) But I guess I started joining some RPing groups and got to know more people. I don't really think that was the main thing that got my name out there, though yes, I think more people knew about me from that. However I didn't actually join that many groups. There was only one or two I was active in, and I had to stop joining RPing groups because I became very busy with my real life full time job and I became quite inactive on DA as well.

I think if for myself, it's just mainly my art that gives me my name (though I'm not really sure about this either). I just spend my heart on each piece of art, and thankfully, I have lovely commissioners that love and appreciate what I do, as well as lovely watchers who love my style. I actually don't even actively post my works to groups and such. 

Well, basically I just do the things I like and spend my time and effort, as well as love, on what I do. That's all about me. I actually don't really care about if I can get my name out there or not. It has its good sides, but also bad sides as well. And personally I don't really enjoy the bad sides of it. I only want to do what I like, strive to be better each day at what I do and hope that people would enjoy the things I create as much as I do.

But if the question is about what you should do to get yourself out there, well, it's a different matter. As you can see from my own story, I don't think I am someone that can share experience on this matter, since getting myself out there is hardly ever my main reason for trying to be batter and sharing my arts.

You can do whatever you think you can/should. Doing requests, art trades, being active in forums, groups, posting your arts to a lot of groups etc.

But if you really want my opinion from my own experience: just try to be better to improve your own skill itself, and share your works regularly. Also, the most important thing, imho, might be patience. As you can see, I have been here for 10 years. What I am having right now didn't come overnight. And I still have a long way to go.

Then, I hope this helps.
Good day to you.
Celuthien's avatar
CeluthienHobbyist Digital Artist
Ah I see. You gave me new perspective there. I suppose perfecting my own style would benefit me more than trying to get out there overnight. Thanks for the advice and taking the time to give it, I really appreciate it :)
ZenithOmocha's avatar
You're very welcome! <3
freespyrodragon's avatar
freespyrodragonStudent Digital Artist
Do you have a YouTube by any chance? I don't know if it was asked before, and I'm too lazy to look. :c
ZenithOmocha's avatar
I do. It's linked in the poll on my front page.
freespyrodragon's avatar
freespyrodragonStudent Digital Artist
How could I miss it? Damn.
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How do you "practice " ? I know I should draw and try things but I don't know where to start, or what to do.

Should I just try to draw anything I see ?
Or should I study art books first to understand what I'm doing?

What exactly is practicing to you o: ?

Sorry to bother !
ZenithOmocha's avatar
Uhm well practicing to me is--- practically, drawing. 

It's actually up to you how you want to practice. You can either try drawing whatever or study in advance then draw accordingly.
Basically as long as you finally get yourself to draw, it's practicing.  Reading to know what you should do things 1st is good, but if you just forever read books or tutorials without actually drawing, it's not practicing, it's just studying, and it doesn't improve your actual skill, it only improves your knowledge.
Art books and tutorials are good to give you the base knowledge, but remember sometimes you learn more from experimenting than from books. C: 

So yeah-- instead of wasting time wondering what you should do, you should just get yourself to do it I guess? XD;

I hope this helps. Good luck!
YumeChii-NI's avatar
YumeChii-NIHobbyist Digital Artist
Chii: OMFG. We're born exactly on the same day (not the same year though) I'm born on 24th, October, 1994! plus, I'm vietnamese too like wtf :iconomgopenmouthplz: I can't talk nor understand viet though lol 
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