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Omocha's Mega Cell Shading Step by Step

1. I know I twisted her pose too much, and her right leg looks like it's broken. :"D But this is not a pose tutorial, so focus on the coloring and other things, ok? ^^/

2. I made a little mistake while typing: On the last picture before Step3, I said 'put them all in one layer'. It should be 'put them all in one folder' there.

And thank you all for the support. ^^/

Warning: Super duper giant file. OTL

As I was asked by some people to make some kind of tutorials. So this is one way of coloring I can show you.

I don't want to make too many deviations at a time so, please be patient with this long ass 'Step by step'.OTL

And here is the bigger finished version of the picture:

I hope it helps somehow. ;n;a

I will try working on some other styles' step by step, if there are requests in the future. /o/
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Brain.exe has crashed, because it is small and stupidz.
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when you do basic shade, how did you choose the right/suitable color? the color that can match perfectly with the base color?
if anyone read this and can help me, please answer, via DM is okay
Nero-Blade's avatar
helpful thx a lot :3
DennisJB's avatar
Dude, this is awesome, thanks for making it!
Craesea's avatar
ManaManami's avatar
Very helpful, thanks!
PuriPuri-Adoptables's avatar
Woah, thank you for this!! ;_; <3 <3 <3
StopAtTheEdge's avatar
Woah, thanks a lot!!
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Thanks for sharing this with us Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 
ZerothBox's avatar
thank you so much
emilycornpony's avatar
Beautiful tutorial! I don't use SAI (I run a Mac and can't haha) but I can apply your tutorial to Photoshop too. Thank you so much for making this!
moonblade1999's avatar
This tutoriallis awesome! It's the best I've seen so far, thank you! One question though, how did you do the texture on the girl's jacket? Thank you very much in advance :D
ZenithOmocha's avatar
It's a SAI texture that I installed. You can search how to install SAI textures on DA/Google. I believe there's a tutorial for that somewhere. C:
moonblade1999's avatar
Oh thank you so much! :D
HeyDellusion's avatar
thanks i need this :3
LostDigidestined's avatar
AWSOME ^^ she is really cute
RabidWuff's avatar
This tutorial is absolutely amazing! >3<

I have a question though, how big is your canvas and what brush size do you usually use for inking?
I've been trying to make my lines disappear after I finished coloring. >3<a
ZenithOmocha's avatar

Honestly, the canvas size and brush size is not that much of a matter. Normally the bigger a canvas I use, the bigger the brush size I use for the linearts. I adjust my brush size very often while drawing too, to achieve the feeling that I want.
To make the lines 'disappear', I can simply use the lineart recoloring method, which is shown in this tutorial.

I hope this helps.
RabidWuff's avatar
I see, I see... That makes sense. :icondragonnodplz:
Thank you so much for the information! 
Keep those up the awesome work! >3<
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god bless you this is the best cell shading tutorial
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She's so pretty. This is very helpful
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Oh my fucking god I JUST AMAZING ! T o T
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