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Omocha's Advanced Sketch step by step

Here's a walkthrough of my Advanced sketch style.

Finished picture:
Commission: Namir by ZenithOmocha
You can find more arts of this style by me in this folder

I hope this helps, and have fun experimenting with the style~ C:
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Wow, there's some awesome tricks here! Thank you so much, your art is very beautiful!
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wow it must have taken a lot to make this. good job it is really hopefull
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wahhhh this is really useful! thank you omocha!!! ^ O ^
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How do i lock my settings when i set them for a brush or whatnot? Because sometimes the settings get messed up after a while if i don't use it or if i push a button on my tablet pen. Also how do i set it so that the edges are like thinner than the center that is heavier and darker, like an actual stroke not just solid all the way through? Thank you very much!!!!!!!!
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Hello, if you use SAI:

1. I don't think you can lock a brush's settings. You can only change the settings back to SAI's default settings by right clicking on an empty slot on the tools' panel and choose the default tool you want. If you have some specific settings you'd like to use, I'd recommend that you either save the settings' inputs elsewhere.

2. For 'freehand' feeling of brush strokes: You have to have a tablet. Then simply adjust the settings of the brush: [Min size] and [Density] for this. This doesn't work with a mouse though.
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How would i save the settings input?
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You can write the input down or take a screen shot.
Eiirlys's avatar
>~< oh should have thought of that.....thank you!!!! XD
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It is really easy to understand thanks for sharing.
nakuchan9095's avatar
Thank you very much :D
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I find hard to put the color, I don't quite know what color to start ^^'
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I've tried setting the brush settings to yours, but for some reason they still com out as thick solid lines. Not like how yours varies in density every once in a while. Mine isn't the authentic SAI but I make do with what I can and recently I got a tablet to use, but I'm just wondering about the settings for the brush. I've set the size to a 3, Min Size = 0; Density = 100; None for both options underneath Density; Blending (yours would be color blending) = 0; Dilution(Opacity Mix) = 0; Persistence = 64 or a bite lower); and for Advanced Settings, Quality = 1; Edge Hardness = 0; Min Density = 0; Max Density = 100; Hard <-> Soft = 64; and I checked the three things at the bottom. I still don't understand why.

Please and Thank you!
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If you already used my settings and it doesn't work differently from using a mouse, it's not because of the settings.
I think it's either your tablet's driver or your SAI. You may want to check them/reinstall them so that they can work.

I hope this helps.
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Reinstall the tablet and SAI or just the tablet?

And thank you!
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You can try one first. If it doesn't work, then try the other. C:
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Okie dokies. Thank you!!!!
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It looks easy but in reality it's not Frozen - Elsa Crying Icon 
*Especially when you don't have a tablet anymore Komari Kamikita (Crying) [V5] *
ShaozChampion's avatar
I use the GIMP but tips in SAI and Adobe always help me out ^^ thank you for posting this
xxRisunaxx's avatar
thank you so much for the sai tips~!
SonicXFan13's avatar
Wow!  This is a wonderful tutorial, I absolutely love it!  It must take so long, and you're so patient, it's really admirable.  Not to mention you're finished picture is absolutely SPECTACULAR!  +fav 
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thank you very much for the tutorial ^^
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Hi~! 0 u 0
I- I have a question! ´>///<`/
Why are you using the option "transp" with the wand? That is, what is the function of it? what is the difference in the selection?
I use a canvas A4 size at 300 dpi, and if I make the step of selecting and then invert the selection to create a "base", that leaves me as result a base somewhat "pixelated" ... like without "anti-aliasing"
It is understood? =///=Uu
Thank you~! Heart 
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