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Commission: Death

By ZenithOmocha
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Commission from LadyMidnightSolace, her OC Death. It was fun designing the scythe (though I died a bit). 

Art by me, using Paintool SAI, Photoshop Cs3 and Wacom Intous 4 Large.
Copyright Statement 3 by Sophibelle
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😮....................HI AZREAL!!!!!😁
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wow, just amazing! Love 
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SECKS C DEAFFFFTHH (that's not what death looks like but ok fangirls you can try and live ur fantasies all u want but they wont be real)
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Those wins are beautiful. If I could still draw I'd ask how you did those. I can't draw anymore though, I have nerve damage.
duckyduckyone's avatar
This is beautiful beyond words! And tragic, too. I don't know...
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If that was my shinigami I would gladly let him have my soul *.*
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Lawl!  Nice line! XD
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That scythe is AMAZING. I can fully understand why you died a bit. Lol.
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"It was fun designing the scythe (though I died a bit)"
I see what you did there.......
("Though I DIED a bit," also that, the OC's name is "Death.")
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I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! <33333
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this is insaaane
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his scythe looks sick!!*.* too cool:D
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love the wings!
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I love the face expression.
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Wow! I love the wings. But the scythe is absolutely perfect! :O
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Wow, this is awesome!
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The wings are amazing @_@
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hooooooly shit that Scythe is sssseeeexxxxyyyy!

Emiiiiiiiii-chan's avatar
Yep. Yepyepyepyepyep. Yep. I love dark angels. With all of my (black) soul.
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Beautiful! The scythe design is stunning.
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I want that scythe, now. :greetings:
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