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Gaia commission. @___@
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I love the shinies! You do so well with them, the shading, and colors...

Yeah... ^_^

Awesome as usual!!

I love how you did the Oculus...
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:clap: nice job the guy has a funny smile thats why i like it the girl has a nice outfit O_O
TheRealPikachu's avatar
My Gaia account is of course The Real Pikachu with spaces in between the words
kaylikiwi's avatar
Very nice, you just keep getting better!
Kiamadze's avatar
woot! nice coloring :D
xXFelidaeXx's avatar
Oooh, from what I can see this couples' actual avs would be cute together!

I, too, was wondering how you work so quickly...
zenia's avatar
Just lots of practice. This one took about two days.
infinity-myka's avatar
u made this for only two days?!..

you're wickedly AWESOME!!! :heart::bounce:

i wish i could have your ability....

nice art!!..
ALL HAIL!!! :#1:
xXFelidaeXx's avatar
I envy you! Takes talent to do art fast and cute, and you've done both.
KikioDemon's avatar
How do you do these commissions so fast?
infinity-myka's avatar
i often question that too!...:-o
and the images are large..

with lots of shading techniques that would take me a lifetime to finish!..hahaha :rofl:
zenia's avatar
Lots of practice at drawing. XD
iluvanimeal0t's avatar
Shading's awesome :)
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