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Morning everyone!

I just wanted everyone to know that I am not dead! Huzzah! 

I am currently working towards becoming a concept artist - which means I don't get much time to photomanipulate horses and wolves which sucks. I am photomanipulating other things to use in my paintings so doing photomanipulations for years has given me such an advantage. Anyhow I am really trying hard to break into the games industry and hopefully once I am in, I can begin to think about doing one or two photomanipulations (trust me, I nearly did one the other day but I forced myself to paint instead cries). 

I really want to see the improvement in my photomanips however after all this time painting, studying light, values, etc. Hopefully it'll be a massive leap! 

How is everyone else doing though? I haven't heard from some people forever! totally my fault, I uninstalled Skype bc my computer has zero space but i will re-download it i promise.


Thu Nov 2, 2017, 5:12 PM
Hello everyone!

Long time no see. University has been completely mad and I have not gotten five minutes anywhere. 

I am beginning to build up my portfolio for the gaming industry and unfortunatly that means no manipulation for a while. However I am churning out a lot of digital art and it is going on my ArtStation. 

I am now mostly on ArtStation now which is:…
I would really appreciate any follows or favourites - I post at a higher rate there and I won't be carrying on with DA for submission anymore! 

My tablet has died lmao

Mon Jun 26, 2017, 3:10 AM
sir tablet has died earlier this week, following me throwing books onto it without realising these things actually do break if you drop the whole Lord of the Rings series on it... oops

i am really sorry for those waiting on art - I am going to try to get a new tablet asap but money is super short. I will also keep trying to make it work again but it doesn't look promising at the moment. 

I am really sorry for the further delays, forgive my stupidity the lord of the rings book shall be punished as a result

London's terror attack and Trump

Sun Jun 4, 2017, 3:12 PM
Normally I am the type to remain firmly out of these sort of conversations. I try to keep my personal views, political views, etc private and I only discuss these type of thing with close friends or those who I know will discuss this matter maturely with me.

But after what the UK (where I live) has experienced I must speak out on a couple of issues - mostly Donald Trump:

<script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

This comment was taken WILDLY out of context - the Mayor of London was telling citizens to not be alarmed by the increased police presence and noise. 

Usually I brush Trump off but after last night when my parents were in London visiting my brother and his pregnant wife who live there - and having dinner there (be mindful that the attackers were stabbing people inside bars, restaurants, etc). We were afraid they were caught up, or injured by the stabbings this is NOT okay.  

While it's okay for people such as Trump to think it's a great way to campaign his views, here in the UK we are suffering not only Manchester but this loss too. 

Have some fucking decency Trump and 1.) do your research and 2.) don't use our disasters as a way to say 'I was right'. 

To those who believe that I am wrong in this then fine - everyone is entitled to their views but until you have experienced your family being in the centre of a terrorist attack then don't come to me saying he's the be all and end all. 

also, the american press should be ashamed of posting leaks of the manchester bombing of those who died. this isn't just 'a few people' it's a family wrecked, it's a girl under 10 dead, it's a country mourning and devastated by the loss of innocents. words cannot describe the feeling of horror and anger towards the american press for this shameful act.


Thu Apr 6, 2017, 1:04 AM

Commissioning Me

I am available to code MyBB forums now since I have more time on my hands - yay! 

Due to websites being a timely thing there will only be 1 slot per 'term'. These terms can last up to 2 months depending on what you want me to do!

Slots: 1 available 


Oblivion - Oblivion was coded by myself with some themes done by myself and the staff on there. 

More examples to come in the future

The Package

  • 1 theme 
  • General Layout inc. Cbox area, news area, banner, boards, etc.
  • Profile Coding 
  • Postbit Coding (i.e users profiles that is next to their posts) 
  • Shop Coding (editing it and making it neater) 
  • Plugin Installation/Walkthrough 
  • Guidebook Coding 
  • I can code other bits of corrections into the website but if they fall under one of the sections above there is no additional cost. 
  • Support in the weeks the site opens up - I am happy to stick around and help. I am also happy to help the owners iron out details of their RPG. 

(multiple themes cost extra) 
£200 including all of the above. 

  • Manipulations (banners) - this will be £60 on top of the 'general' package. 
  • Pixels (shop items, ect). This is an example of items I have done before: Deflect by zeni-graphicsPest by zeni-graphicsIce by zeni-graphicsThesight by zeni-graphics I am able to do you a full shop should you wish. I do my pixels in sets of 10's. This will incur a cost on top of your website. This is only available with purchasing the website package. (Cost to be discussed over note depending on size and complexity) 


  • I ask that all payment is made upfront. Unfortunately some rotten apples have spoilt the cart for me and numerous others. I won't be taking half payments unfortunately either i.e one on start, one on completion. 
  • My Skype is available to my clients (or anyone for that matter) should they want it! I would like to have my clients Skype so that I can send WIPs, ask questions and open a line of communication. Other forms of messenger are fine as well as long as you tell me. 
  • I take my payment through PayPal only - unless I am in need of a new Core Membership. 
  • I reserve the right to turn down a commission or send your money back should I fail to complete your coding life happens. However your money is guaranteed 100% to be returned should I decide I can no longer do it. Should I have done a bit of work then we will work out the individual cost!
  • Once you have bought the coding and it is complete you are free to edit it how you wish, but please keep my credit in there!
  • If you want a preview of your piece, please tell me! 
  • It is well within your right to request changes to your website, whether it's a small change or larger change. 
  • Once the site is finished I am happy to remain about to offer coding assistance should something break! 

Contacting Me

Feel free to just Note Me and we'll start chatting! ~ 


Sun Mar 26, 2017, 4:46 AM

Commissioning Me

Due to finishing university and having a lot of time on my hands and lots of things I want to buy I am once again offering commission slots. 

Commissions will be done in the order that the client submits their form. This way I can keep organised and keep my clients happy - I hope you understand!

Saying this there will only be a max of two slots open per 'term' of commissions. 

Slots: 1 available 

1.) Elkayell - 1 full manipulation 
2.) Arrakis93 - 2 headshots


Full Photomanipulations - £60
THROUGH MY BLOOD by zeni-graphicsWHERE THEY MAKE SOLITUDE by zeni-graphics
High quality manipulations, with various colours schemes and lighting. The option to have bought stock as your image is also available (this can be up to an additional £10 depending on if just one stock is bought or numerous). The top image is an example of all bought stock, below that is all DeviantART stock, so the option is there. One subject per piece - additional subject is £20

Headshots - £40
Headshots are a new addition without an examples, however you can see through my examples that they will be of the same, high quality. The option to buy stock remains as well as just using ordinary stock from DeviantART. Only one subject per headshot - but additional pieces may be bought alongside. 


  • I ask that all payment is made upfront. Unfortunately some rotten apples have spoilt the cart for me and numerous others. I won't be taking half payments unfortunately either i.e one on start, one on completion. 
  • My Skype is available to my clients (or anyone for that matter) should they want it! I would like to have my clients Skype so that I can send WIPs, ask questions and open a line of communication. Other forms of messenger are fine as well as long as you tell me. 
  • I will be sending my favourites on both my DeviantART and the place where I buy my stock for my clients to view and to select what they like. If nothing is in there, let me know what you'd love to see, even saying 'a forest' is fine. As long as I understand your likes and dislikes i.e please, please, please tell me if you hate a specific thing i.e the character running, or a dark setting, etc!
  • I take my payment through PayPal only - unless I am in need of a new Core Membership. 
  • I reserve the right to turn down a commission or send your money back should I fail to complete your image life happens. However your money is guaranteed 100% to be returned should I decide I can no longer do it. 
  • I am happy to do other animals, but mostly I enjoy horses. However I have done wolves before. Doing companions alongside a horse is also optional but there is cost involved to that. 
  • Once you have bought my art you can use is anywhere, except for the following; please do not resell my art for more than you bought it for (let me know if you are) as I see that as a form of scamming someone else! I also do not allow people to use my art to put onto T-Shirts or sell prints of. Sorry! 
  • Please do not remove my signature - if you need to crop the image please make sure the signature is in there, contact me or put credit on the image or below it! Please do not claim it as your own!
  • If you want a preview of your piece, please tell me! 
  • It is well within your right to request changes to your manipulation whether its an extra marking or longer hair!


Communication Preference: Skype, DA, Discord, etc 
Type of Commission: Full manip, headshot, etc. 
Character/s Reference/s:
Personality of Character/s:

Stock examples for character/s:
Mood of piece:
Additional Information:

Once you have filled this out, I will begin to discuss ideas, stock ideas (stock to buy), etc. 

I'm back homies

Thu Mar 23, 2017, 2:03 AM
I'm back! 

Officially finished university until October cries for days
I am going to be doing some manips (but primarily doing my digital paintings) but I will be kicking off with the seriously long overdue piece for the gorgeous, patient and talented DanjahMouse I am so sorry it's taken so long, no excuse but it will be a good one ;___; 

Hopefully everyone still remembers who I am, sorry for dropping off the face of the earth. I promise to try this time round ;__; 

Off on holiday

Sat Jul 23, 2016, 7:43 AM
I am off on holiday from the 25th to the 30th of this month - short notice I know. 

Unfortunately this means no art, commissions and trades are on hold. Even RPing is on hold.

Lately I have been feeling very stressed, tired and unmotivated to do anything computer wise. My life has been solely focused on my horses and personal training, so I am sorry if I haven;t been around much!

Anyhow I am off to Mallorca (Spain) for 5 days and I am staying in a friends villa on the sea front (lucky me!) so I intend to relax and come back refreshed and ready! 

See you all soon!

I am looking for a programmer to work with me either script by script or hourly rates. I am making an Equine SIM game and I am looking for someone to code. 

So far the Login has been done, a little bit of the registration, and some of the database. 

If you know of someone, or you are someone please reply to this and I will get into contact!

I am interested in trading art for code!

Fantasy Horse RPG

Sun May 22, 2016, 11:04 AM
After nearly 3 months being opened Oblivion is still going strong and nearing 500 members.

Recently our Basilica auditions have opened up, our first Mother Tree event occurred and we are about to have another event come up for everyone to participate in, a new theme upcoming and new coding features also upcoming - so why miss out?

Oblivion is now OPEN!

Fri Mar 4, 2016, 9:57 AM


Sat Jan 23, 2016, 5:10 AM
Holy sheit. @classicalriding <-- this is my Twitter. Follow my minions. I am actually following everyone back, since I am a loser without friends!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Fri Dec 25, 2015, 5:15 AM
Have a very Merry Christmas lovelies! :heart:

I am looking to Commission an artist for a background scene for a website such as this:…

I want it the same sort of size and the same sort of idea, but it will have fencing, stables, etc. I am not looking to spend a fortune on this at all, but I will be commissioning various times for a stable image, office image, workshop, etc, etc. I am looking for realistic NOT cartoon. 

Please let me know if you can do it or know of someone who can.

Thank you!

New Pony And Updates

Sat Oct 24, 2015, 7:16 AM
Hello everyone!

Right now is pretty busy with Uni, a new horse, etc but hopefully I can get back into manipulating once my muse kicks back in. I plan to do just personal stuff for a while and maybe open commissions around Christmas to earn a bit of money but we shall see. 

Anyway I would like to introduce you all to my new horse, Ocean! He has been imported from Germany, he is training at PSG and is a huge 17.2hh! Here is a picture of our height difference - it seems like he is all legs!

Rushed off my feet

Sun Sep 20, 2015, 2:24 PM
Hello everyone!

I am starting University tomorrow, and I am selling my horse in order to buy a new one. So not only am I bogged down with University - well, it is Welcome Week so there will be no work so I am going to force myself into sitting and doing work! - but I am also trying to sell a horse who is very temperamental and can be nothing sort of a bitch xD While doing all this I am inquiring into horses, asking people to search, looking abroad and trying to keep my mother calm and my father happy. 

My muse has really suffered lately but after this last set of commissions I will not be reopening commissions for quite some time. I hope everyone understands! I have nearly gotten one of my commissions done and then onto the last one, excluding a trade which is coming soon once I think of something to do for this particular character. 

I hope everyone understands how awful art blocks are, and how upset and stressed it is making me due to feeling like I am letting not just my commissioners down by everyone else. I ask for you to be patient while I try to work through this while maintaining all the quality I can muster.

Recent Art Quality + Graphics Card

Tue Sep 1, 2015, 12:10 AM
Hello everyone!

Recently I have noticed that my art on other computers besides my own art one looks saturated and a really not like it is on my other computer. After looking into all possible routes I have discovered that it isn't my laptop - it is everyone elses! Due to getting a new, more powerful computer my graphics card is actually top of the line right this moment, with the top of the line screen hence why it looks so different. However due to most people not having access to this I will be editing my art to be over the top on my art computer but it will then look more normal for those without the same graphics card.

How does this sound? Any suggestions? 
Thank you!

Art is slowly moving forward and I am to have another two pieces finished my the 21st of September (when I go to university)!

Back up, and running!

Tue Aug 18, 2015, 2:04 PM
Woo! Got my new laptop, got my Photoshop installed, my brushes moved over and now for the rest. This screen makes my old art look really, really dark but art on DA (not mine, I mean other peoples art!) looks incredible! I am really excited to have this laptop \^0^/

Anyway to those expecting art, I will be doing that ASAP starting from the top of the commission list to the bottom. Your art will be done. Please have patience as I drag stock together again and redo what I once had XD

Thanks for understand!

UPDATE: New Laptop is being delivered and it is a boss! 16GB of RAM, 1TB of Hard disk, SSD, 15.5" screen, Ultra 4 HD screen (did I say that right?) - so now I should be able to do art, stream without freezing, record manipulations and post them on YouTube, etc, etc!

Hello everyone!

Just a few things. The first is to say that my laptop which replaced my old one about two months ago has packed it in (it was an old laptop anyway so it wasn't me poisoning it >>) anyway I am waiting for a new one which will hopefully have for you tech savvy joes out there a 16GB of Ram, SSD, 16"+ screen, i7 and hopefully the new Windows 10 but I just need something to run fast for once. The one that is currently dead had a hard disk failure so guess what? All my work is gone. Yup. All commission work, etc. To my current commissioners I am really, really sorry but I didn't see this coming at all and I hope you understand that I will try my upmost to get a new laptop and your artwork finished ASAP and I ask for your patience at this time. *roll on the elevator music*

On a better note I am getting well again and the flu is finally letting go but I also got into University yesterday! I will be going and doing Games Art which is incredibly exciting and I hope everyone follows me in the next chapter of my art!

Thank you all for understanding <3

Edit: Those who I have on Skype, I am not ignoring you my other laptop won't let Skype work but my phone has it but like all App's it doesn't update until I open the app!

Tablet driver not working?! Help!

Wed Jun 17, 2015, 4:00 AM
Okay, so basically I had this with my old laptop but if I restarted it it'd be fine but right now I have restarted 10x and it still will say 'Tablet Driver doesn't work'. However I have restarted it using the Run application and then I deleted all files under User preferences in the Wacom File Utility. Once I did all that I looked at PS, no pen pressure. I went into my brushes and pen pressure was enabled. 

SO WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON?! Can somebody please help me? My love eternally if you do ;3;