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More concept-artworks... I don't really like the poodle-girl's look here, possible the pic will be fixed a bit ^^'''

(they aren't posing for a photo xD They're inviting the viewer to join them at the breakfast)
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eener9lilly Digital Artist
um if you ever get back to this just like replyy
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eener9lilly Digital Artist
so whens oh

September 27, 2016
 :/ darn
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MinxtyHobbyist Filmographer
Aww I love how they're waving at the viewers! 

I would just like to say, Sleepy Lake has brought me an hour of entertainment, and i'm sure as you begin adding more pages they'll bring me so much more!
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6800Hobbyist Traditional Artist
aww that's so cute! love how they're interacting with the viewer. <3 
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The-TrackerHobbyist Digital Artist
This looks fantastic!
And for help with the poodle, maybe make the snout a little longer and narrower? her fingers also seem a little on the nubby side .o.
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The face of the poodle-girl seems to be alright to me, but the eyes, compared to the rabbit, appear to be 'flat' and not as alive.
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smartwhitefangHobbyist Writer
despite living in captivity, they take it very well.

I'm waiting by next chapter of sleepy lake
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Your furry art I consider some of the best ever. Love this!
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mouseandersonHobbyist Traditional Artist
love it
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kittykatrocks12Hobbyist General Artist
I LOVE seeing furry pics like this. Acting like humans with five fingers!

Almira: I would love to join you. I prefer tea than coffee
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I swear your art is goals for life omgg
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H-V-SkyeStudent Photographer
Though the rabbit is my favorite of the pair, I believe you did an excellent job on both of them.
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SkyeRavenHelliquinnHobbyist General Artist
Interesting that you don't like the poodle. I think she's adorable! Nice work!
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Beautiful! Love 
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DenisMDguyHobbyist Photographer
Very good :3
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FaIIenShadowsHobbyist General Artist
These pictures are beautiful!!
If I might ask, how do you get the textures for the chairs/curtains etc.?
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ReverieRoseHobbyist Digital Artist
I love those hands!! Super cute. 
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Is that the common room at the Benbow Inn from Treasure Planet?
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Nice art ^-^ I love the detail in it, too bad there are haters :/ anyways, I love your art! ^-^
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PokkinHobbyist Traditional Artist
Could we do an art trade? You can see my art here: pokkin.deviantart.com/art/Squa…
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Its a nice piece, but looking at it a bit more. Aren't theit hands too small ?
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Good thing nobody asked you for your opinion.
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YOUR hands are too small furry fuck
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