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Making conclusions

By Zengel
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To be continued...?

and I decided to add premium content: 2kx3k px png version of the picture
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Remindes me of 1950s film noir detective femme fatal
wolfblue13's avatar
damn this one has a lot of detail in it. good job!!
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eener9lilly Digital Artist
ahhh ive found myself reading yet another comic comic 4
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MissyClaws569Hobbyist Digital Artist
* in her mind* Who should I kill next?
Outside of head: Hmmmmmm desicions desicions
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FlorLedZepHobbyist Digital Artist
BlackZodiacQueen's avatar
It's too bad shes so cruel. But it doesn't mean she can't look stylish and fabulous!
Dangit i like her.
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smartwhitefangHobbyist Writer
please, where we can see the rest of the story????
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ZengelHobbyist Digital Artist
It's under development
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smartwhitefangHobbyist Writer
oh, i will be waiting :D
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This period in time was so stylish
LivestreamBrony's avatar
Yeah, why not? Please :3
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DenisMDguyHobbyist Photographer
Wow so cool pls continue series :3
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I like the extra touch you put in with the reflection on the table. The lighting and colors for the background and your character are beautiful; your artwork is inspiring keep up the good work :)
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CarwaileaHobbyist Filmographer
This is a wonderful design for a character. :D (Big Grin)

You really are a master artist!
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xxNightWulfHobbyist Digital Artist
awesome skillz dood~
Ink-25's avatar
Amazing how much detail you put in this :D
I adore how you are able to make that table look so real :3
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
I want to hate her, bud dayum, she's fakin' hot!!!!!!!
feyzasWOLFyDRAWS's avatar
feyzasWOLFyDRAWSHobbyist Digital Artist
Honestly, i don't love Betzen so much but she look so beautiful and cute in this pic <3
feyzasWOLFyDRAWS's avatar
feyzasWOLFyDRAWSHobbyist Digital Artist
She look so pretty! I am happy for you back!
aha-mccoy's avatar
well we have to admit she looks pretty sexy over there. you did her pose and dress very very well. and face biting the pen and the coloring job are very very good. awesome work! 
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POOLFMANStudent Digital Artist
CARA DE PENE!!(en buen sentido) Escupe los tutoriales
DICK FACE!! Spits tutorials!...(please)
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LeDaverixHobbyist Digital Artist
interesting ...  she kinda Looks different than the hyena i saw in the first apperances ... not optically,.. but my eyes imply a different character into her, then last time :)
she Looks really pretty btw :)
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What? Only 61 comments!? Ima add another,
Let's make it 62 ;)
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How much for the full comic
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