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Falling with Style

Traditional commission. The OC and Ember talk Spike into a dragon's favorite pastime... freefalling! By talking him into it, I mean they probably didn't give him the chance to get a word in edgewise.
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Why the heck do you need a parachute?? You have wings, dammit!!
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If you're referring to the OC, I don't believe he has wings. (The ref I was provided depicted him without.) Turns out, the client loves skydiving, so it was super-fitting XD
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Are you telling me he hasn't gone through puberty like Spike yet??
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Ya know.... I've never asked the client about that XD To be fair, this commission was finished before that particular piece of dragonlore was introduced :)
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Good work. The expression of Spike´s face. :D
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Hehe, thank you! Twas fun to do XD
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