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alone in the crowd

gummybear series

i decided to do a whole series using gummybears, just like my candlelight-series. Basically there is not much to say about each photograph, the idea behind is pretty obvious. hope you like it :-)
"gummybears, bouncing here and there and everywhere, ..." :-)

part one - please hug me : [link]
part two - alone in the crowd
part three - small scale terror : [link]
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That lonely bear is me on Valentine's Day.
ShineSonic07's avatar
me on valentines day :XD:
Christina2929's avatar
the red one would be me
FranRomano's avatar
absolutely genius!
77DragonHearts's avatar
Yeah this is me..... :(
screwXlove's avatar
:'( .... :D lemme just go buy some gummy bears i'll get a yellow one for tht alone one :3
DragoonVulpi's avatar
This is why I can never eat gummy bears one at a time.
Ginnabell's avatar
poor gummy bear
artistcutie's avatar
This is definitely how I have been feeling lately
TheFluffyKittyOfDOOM's avatar
It's amazing how you can make a gummi bear looks so expressive~
rena-neji's avatar
this is me at school..... this is cute tho c': poor bear
TsubasaOtori's avatar
poor gummy bear D: i know how he feels D:
StefanAmbrus's avatar
Haha .. i have one similar .. Hope it's OK :D
LilithLaRousse's avatar
Sadness into sweetness... ç_ç
TheRedFlowerLover's avatar
I would eat all of them so he wouldn't be alone until he gets digested ;)
BUNNYfluffyluv's avatar
wow thats cool but i couldnt download it!!!!! :'(
Artliker1234's avatar
awww poor gummy
nice ork
awwww thats so sad =( ... do the red ones represent boys or girls?
Alligators-go-rawr's avatar
Gummy bears are the best! Used on my blog: [link] Hope you don't mind!
msslekz's avatar
I liked it sooooo much!
I used this pic in one post at my blog, but I gave you the whole credit and stuff, hope you don't mind.

freakinateapot's avatar
I want to be his gummy friend... :(
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