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fadedtale: Pit-spring by zencat61 fadedtale: Pit-spring by zencat61
alright, oc time!
this is one out of four girls in this story i'm making.
so, gaster was experimenting on human souls to see how monsters could use them for their advantage. then a chemical reaction happened that made four 'humans' out of fragments of human souls, determination, dust and gaster's soul. each represent a season, a button, a place in the underground and are slightly similar to certain monsters. they are all souls of determination and, for whatever reason, were 'born' at 13 and cannot age. after gaster conducts research on the four 'children', he finds out they can be extremely fragile, but make up for that with both magic and physical attacks. when they die, they turn to dust, only leaving their skeletons behind. around a year after they were created, gaster falls into the void.  because of their connection with him, each of their souls take damage. their magic tries to keep their souls from cracking even more. one makes the cracking stop almost immediately, one stops when a third of it is cracked, one stops when a half of it is cracked and the last one nearly completely cracks in two. they stay in the underground, remaining there still when frisk decides to stay in the underground after a pacifist run. because of the power weighing down on frisks determination, the reset button breaks and chara goes back to sleep. everyone becomes more and more desperate. then, you fall into the underground.  

character profile:
name: pit
season: spring
place in the underground: the ruins
button: mercy
monster: flowey, toriel's mercy

pit is the one who's soul cracked almost completely in half. she is mostly shy, but if she gets used to you she can be very eccentric and warm. when gaster was still alive, she liked to play with chara and asriel and always stayed for chocolate and pie. when gaster fell into the void, she stayed around her sisters more than usual, but still loved to play. when chara and asriel died, she moved to the ruins, where no one could see her cry. when toriel moved in, she started hanging around the puzzles more and tried to avoid her. she attempted to copy flowey's 'friendliness pellets' but ended up only being able to grow a buttercup. she went a little crazy with this 'power' and made the flowers bloom everywhere. where ever she goes, flowers break through the ground and bloom around her. they trail her for a bit, before going back into the ground, only leaving cracks behind. when she is around snow, it melts, much to the annoyance of one of her sisters. if she trips and falls even one, she will die.

i'm sorry if she sounds like a mary sue
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May 29, 2017
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