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Kurairaifuburinga Description by zencat61 Kurairaifuburinga Description by zencat61
Name: ???
Given name: Kurairaifuburinga 
Nickname: Kurai
Gender: girl
Age: 18
Cocky and slightly arrogant, Kurai is one of two Shinobu who started the Shinrin. Before starting the Shinrin, she was a sociable 'street rat' who few knew and only two cared about, one of those people being Kage, the other girl to help start the Shinrin. Kurai started stealing very early on. She started with coins that people refused to give to her, then went on to wallets. After everyone realised she was stealing money and not earning or being given it, she stopped using money and just stole what she wanted. Most of it was food like cakes and bread, but some of it was weapons. When her mark first appeared, she couldn't figure out what it was so tried cutting it off. After repeating this 3 times after skin grew back and the mark was still there, she stopped hacking at the mark and turned to eavesdropping. She eventually learned from a girl with wild black hair and a girl with blonde hair who was using body language to communicate. After a while she found out what her power was and started using it to mess around with people. Kurai's hobby is learning people's fear and recreating them with her power, along with drawing.

Ink being:
The power she was named after.
Anything Kurai draws can come to life as long as she either wills it to or draws it in the air. The colour scheme of the thing will always be black and white with red eyes if it has them. If you try to eat anything Kurai draws it will taste like ink and will make you feel sick. The only way to make the things Kurai draws is to shoot it with a weapon or stab it in the 'head' if it has one. She can get rid of them by swiping at them with her hand. The drawing can cause damage to the real world and real people. If Kurai overuses her power, she will collapse and be immobilised for at least 10 minutes, if not more.

To read about the Shinrin, go to my journal. If its not there it's because i haven't uploaded it yet
I got the idea for the Shinrin from…
The Shinrin exists in a parallel universe to magnolia's so quite a lot of things will be different, though the people who exist there will exist here to, they just won't appear as often, if at all.
Things i say will not be canon unless magnolia wants them to be which i highly doubt it
(This series will probably have little to do with bondage unless one of you wants me to draw something like that)      
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October 5, 2017
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