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Kagetsume Description by zencat61 Kagetsume Description by zencat61
Given name: Kagesume
Nickname: Kage
Gender: girl
Age: 18
Kage is a quiet and sweet girl and one of two Shinobu to start the Shinrin, a secret group no one knows exists. Half of her face was ripped off after escaping from MARVO by a pack of unknown monsters. If you ask Kage what the monsters where, she'll ignore you. 
Thanks to the attack, Kage suffers from Aphasia and 'speaks' in long stings of mostly just made up words that make it sound like she is choking. She has trouble understanding long sentences and fast talking and cannot understand background noise at all. The only one who she can understand and who can understand her perfectly is Kurai, the other girl who started Shinrin. The cloth around her mouth is usually either drenched in water or has a perfume that smells like lavender in it. She feels uncomfortable without her skull but does not want to appear scary to others. To try to stop appearing scary she asked Kurai to try to make the skull less creepy. It didn't work. 
Known to other Shinobu as a creepy reverse wolf in sheep's clothing.
Known to outsiders as someone who should be avoided.
Known to Kurai as a pushover and a crybaby.

Shadow claws:
The power she was named after.
Kage has two claws that can come out her back at anytime. They can reach up to 100 meters and work just like a regular pair of hands with claws and without thumbs. They used to be able to reach much longer than 100 meters, but then her eye got ripped out.

X mode/Shadow swap:
When Kage loses all control of herself by either getting drunk somehow or getting way to angry, she swaps with her shadow and takes the form of a black wolf with a purple muzzle, paws, ears and a streak on her tail and wearing her skeleton 'armour'. The wolf gains control and starts going after the thing that made it angry. If it is an actual living being, she will go after them, trying to kill anyone who gets in her way. If its caused by getting drunk, she'll just go on a rampage. Before losing one of her eyes, she used to have full control of this form.

To read about the Shinrin, go to my journal. If its not there it's because i haven't uploaded it yet
I got the idea for the Shinrin from…
The Shinrin exists in a parallel universe to magnolia's so quite a lot of things will be different, though the people who exist there will exist here to, they just won't appear as often, if at all.
Things i say will not be canon unless magnolia wants them to be which i highly doubt it
(This series will probably have little to do with bondage unless one of you wants me to draw something like that)                     
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October 5, 2017
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