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K-on Oc Fumiko Sleeping And Description by zencat61 K-on Oc Fumiko Sleeping And Description by zencat61
Name: Fumiko
Instrument: Crap homemade recorder, can process, edit and make songs on a computer   
Personality: Laid back, forgetful, always tired

Description: Joined school in the middle of first year due to an unidentified sickness. Because she got said sickness before she could go to school and was only allowed to start reading and learning when she was nine, she spent all her time cramming as much knowledge into her head as she could. She is always tired and forgets basic things as a result. Decided one day to try carve a recorder out of wood and use it. It still makes noise, just not the same noise as a proper recorder. Learned how to play from their mother. Spends a whole lot of time on her computer and knows more about the computer world and editing than any other subject.

Notes: Barely ever brushes her hair, Lunch consists of randomly thrown together raw food and meat, Mio is scared of her because of
Fukimo's lunch and her deadpan look, Records the light music club's practices and conversations sometimes just to see how Mio reacts when she notices, slightly scared of Mugi because of her strength, gets along with Ritsu better than the other members of the club and enjoys pulling pranks.    
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