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Fadedtale: Snow-winter by zencat61 Fadedtale: Snow-winter by zencat61
character profile:
name: snow
season: winter 
place in the underground: snowdin
button: fight
monster: sans, doggo, papyrus's love for spaghetti

snow is the tomboy of the group and the one whos soul barely cracked at all. she seems lazy at first, but as you get to know her, you realise she is extremely good at lying and loves deceiving people. if given the chance to, she would kill without mercy, unless it was one of her sister or either sans or papyrus. she always hangs around snowdin, usually at grillbys. she loves food, especially pocky with papyrus's spaghetti coming in at a close second. she is the only one in the underground who can eats papyrus's spaghetti. because she hangs around sans a lot, he ended up rubbing off on her, much to papyrus's annoyance. sans magic also rubbed off on snow. she is the only one of the sisters who's magic you can see. her magic is called 'red magic'. it acts just like sans blue magic, allowing snow to move whatever and whoever she wants around. the only difference is every turn you lose some hp. you can tell snow is using red magic if there is a sort of red aura around your soul. despite her fighting ability, she can easily be defeated if you manage to stay alive for around three minutes, as she will collapse because of the amount of magic used. a trail of snowflakes follows her. they melt after they get a certain distance from her, even in snowdin. the closest she has come to killing one of her sisters is when she tripped up pit for melting the snow in snowdin. she caught her before she hit the floor though. pits resulting stress caused any snow that was left to melt away. 
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Submitted on
June 7, 2017
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