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By zenarion
Time flows strangely here, with warriors from different aeons crossing paths.

Took me quite a while to gather enough bravery to make this image. It's rushed, and I might get back to it and fix it later.    
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Я уже прям слышу, как возвышенную, спокойную музыку Храма огня дополняет верная гитара... Более, чем просто качественная работа.

Скачал, и поставил на фон рабочего стола - смотрится суперски. 
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Спасибо большое! Я уже три раза хотел перерисовать эту работу, но никак не получается :(

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The twisted, mutated and creepy zone, the night where everything seems to want to kill you and then a guy with a gas mask and a guitar, and those Russian songs around the fire. Yeah, S.T.A.L.K.E.R had a unique atmosphere. Nice piece, it reminded me of the game.
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I'm glad it did! That's the whole point, it is a crossover piece of fanart between STALKER and Dark Souls :)
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AWESOME ART. RESPECT, bro. By the way can i use this art for my Desktop?
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Of course can! Thank you!
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Cool piece :D I think you did good work on the lighting, like the central light of fire and warmth, lighting up in darker times :heart:
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Thank you! To be honest, I've been wishing to rework this image, since I think it is kind of a mess.
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For me, the roughness of the piece workes with the story :)
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This is awestome! Respect 
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the cheekiest of breekis
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Cool art! please more stalker!
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I'm not even into Dark Souls and yet this still grabbed my attention! You say it's rushed, I think otherwise. Good job!
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Maybe you're into STALKER? ;)
I look back at how much attention this piece has gathered, and think that I should definitely go back to it and clean it up. Because a couple of hours for that much favs and likes feels somehow cheap to me. So I might paint a better version later, who knows?
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I knew your painting was referencing another game, I didn't know what it was. :P You made me want to look up STALKER and now I want play it. Anyway, despite the fact you say you didn't spend much time on this, it's way better than anything I'd do (even if I spent 10 hours on it) and it is far better than all the erotic, creepy BS I see on this site sometimes. You give deviantART a good name. :)
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That's very kind words from you! I'll do my best to keep on doing what I do :)
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stalker you say?

...cheeki breeki...
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What a crossover this would make.

Two great games rolled into one.
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Yeah. Let's keep wishing :)
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