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I love taking custom orders, so if there is anything in my gallery or on my etsy that you see and like, but want tweaked, or something completely different, please dont hesitate to message me about it! I would love to make it!

All pairs featured here can be found for sale and purchase here:

:spotlight-left: Zen And Coffee Designs on Etsy :spotlight-right:

Thanks for stopping by my gallery!

:email: zen.and.coffee[AT]gmail[DOT]com <~.^>
Twitter: Zen And Coffee Designs on Twitter
Facebook Fan Page: Zen And Coffee Designs on FaceBook
Personal Web Site: www.ZenAndCoffee.com

Zen and Coffee Designs, as seen in Issue 33 of Gothic Beauty Magazine! Preorder your copy now: www.gothicbeauty.com/gothic_be…

All former pricing FAQ for anything non arm warmer or fingerless glove can be found here: zenandcoffee.deviantart.com/jo…

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bound-nicole-babe78's avatar
I saw the article at Gothic Beauty, congrats :)
Mirz123's avatar
I am interested in your gloves. Thing is, I'm a secretary in an office. I'd want something more professional looking, but also something that would be cool to wear for extended periods in a controlled environment. Also, I think I would need a size between your short and long gloves. To cover about 2-3 inches past the wrist.

Thank you so much.
ZenAndCoffee's avatar
This pair is an example between the elbow length and wrist length, for reference and so I can get an idea of the length you are aiming for, but I really can do any length you desire (ignore the stripes- unless you like them- like I said, I can do any color, fabric etc that you might like): [link]
Mirz123's avatar
My only other concern would be the "softness" of a fabric. I have a very bad case of eczema and suffer from shingles. During flair-ups, I can have very sensitive skin and some scabs. Wouldn't want anything that would snag or be uncomfortable.
ZenAndCoffee's avatar
No problem! As I mentioned, almost all of my fabrics are incredibly soft. All of the solids and striped ones are a cotton/rayon blend or modal, and like the most extreme soft tshirt you ever put on. The black, dark charcoal and scarlet red colors are especially soft, but I dont use any fabric at all that is rough or itchy or uncomfortable. If in doubt, just ask, and Id be happy to verify, though as I mentioned, for the most part they are divinely soft :D
Mirz123's avatar
I wrote you one Etsy. :heart:
Mirz123's avatar
I have never ordered from Etsy, which is why I posted here. Lazy, I guess. :giggle:

I probably would go with 2 pair. One dark and one a lighter color fabric. I'll peek around your shop and see what I can see there. I did look briefly before, but thought I'd write first to see if you could do the order.

Thanks. :aww:
ZenAndCoffee's avatar
I can do orders via paypal invoice, but I prefer to keep them on etsy if possible to keep track. With the volume I get per day, it keeps things in line so I can make and process orders by date within my turnaround times, and not miss anything. I do have some other solid colors of fabric not listed if theres something youd like but dont see (ivory, lavender, pale yellow etc etc- along those lines, as well as darker fabrics).

Etsy is actually pretty awesome. They dont spam buyers with any emails period, its free, and super easy to join. But either way, just let me know. Id be happy to do what ever works best for you!
ZenAndCoffee's avatar

What sort of colors etc did you have in mind? Most of my solid colors are dressy enough to dress up or pair with an evening dress, or dress down with jeans. Most of the fabrics are very very soft, with a light sheen, but nothing distracting. I do have some pairs that are a few inches past the wrist as you said in my shop, and I can do them in any color as long as I have it. I have a few hundred different fabrics, so just let me know what interests you and we can go from there! Feel free to send me a note either on here or in my shop. I check my shop more often, so I am able to respond a lot faster through there!

Thanks so much!
Chrysshart's avatar
I'm still planning on getting that skirt and cloak, I swear!
sethbramwell's avatar
Didn't realize you were a fellow Doctor Who fan :-) Love the "End of Time" design!
ZenAndCoffee's avatar
I ADORE Doctor Who. Props to catching the reference :D :D :D
sethbramwell's avatar
^_^ So, only new Who, or are you an old school fan like me as well?
ZenAndCoffee's avatar
LOVE old Who. I have been tearing through the older years between new seasons and episodes.

My Doctor will forever be Tennant, but I like Matt Smith a lot more than I expected, and Christopher Eccleston was technically my 1st Doctor. I HATED Tennant when he first started, but that dissolved quickly :P

I am on Baker now, and his part seems to never end. Been on him for a while now ;P

Did you see the awesome box set of figurines of all the Doctors? I ended up getting myself one, LOL!
sethbramwell's avatar
Tom Baker was my first doctor, and my favorite until Sylvester McCoy. With the new series, though, it's definitely David. I have to admit, though, Matt Smith kinda grew on my slowly.

hee hee Yep, Tom was in there for 11 years, if i remember correctly. Some of my favorite stories of his were "Deadly Assassin", "Genesis of the Daleks", and "Brain of Morbius"

I was also a fan of Hartnell and Troughton's old episodes :-) Two particular favorites were "Tomb of the Cybermen" and "The Gunfighters"
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