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Basic Fleece Hat (Kitty Ears, Fox Ears, Bunny Ears to shoulders, etc): $25.00

:bulletred: + $5.00 for a face

:bulletred: + $5.00 for Extra-Long Bunny Ears OR Extra-Long Aviator flaps

:bulletred: + $5.00 for Aviator-style flaps (plain or arm like, shoulder length; the long skinny type are included in this too)

:bulletred: + $5.00 for extra detail (embroidery, antennae with ears, extra ears, antlers with ears, wings with ears, bows)

:bulletred: + $5.00 for fur (only two in stock atm: a super soft red/black mix, and a lime green/pink mix. I can post photos in scraps if anyone is interested.

:bulletred: + $5.00 - $10.00 if its insanely detailed and will take lots of work+time+fabric - rare

:bulletred: Shipping is extra. If you are local, I'd be happy to meet up to avoid shipping costs! It typically runs between $5-$6 per hat if you live within the US, and I am more than happy to combine shipping if you buy multiple items! Outside the US I will include in your quote.

If you have something you want in mind, I am always happy to draw up a pic, quote to you what it will cost, and either place it in my scraps or email it to you.

I only use non-pill fleece, and ensure a high quality product that will last you a long time!

Please allow at least a week for me to make your hat, as all parts are handsewn, and made after the order is placed!

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