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实力 Strength 荣誉 Honor 激情 Passion
信念 Faith 平衡 Balance

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Welcome to my Gallery & ONGOING features:

Thanks go out to all my watchers and supporters
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@anyone who adds me as a friend I will watch you also@@ If you feature me let me know and I will post your Avatar on the comments of the art. Please Watch me :bump:

Check out the write ups & Titles ~ I am a funny guy so I tend to throw in some funny stuff, tongue in cheek humor, puns and metaphors. :blush:

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Thanx for visiting and commenting often! I will always respond to comments however I dont always have the time to thank each :+fav: individually. However I will answer all notes and comments. I REALLY do appreciate the support & comments/Critiques/features & watchers!! EVEN THE FAV ninjas! LOVE U ALSO!! fav-ninja by CookiemagiK

:police: Rules ALL RIGHTS RESERVED! My work isn't ’ stock ’ but I'm open to hear from you if you wish to use my work:… :police:


Please check out my Artist features found within my favorite gallery:     :new: UPDATED FREQUENTLY :new:

:bulletred: The Magic of Color (art featuring color or vivid colors that JUMP right out.… of my most popular features**
:meditate: Zen Magic & Conceptual Art -Art that causes you to think or captures a Zen balance or feeling of harmony… of my favs**
:boing:       Some Like it HOT :Sun:  Art featuring sexy, passionate sensuality Please note :police: Future contains nudity/Mature content :boing:…
:bulletred: People and their emotions - Art featuring emotions and striking images that stir emotions…
:bulletred:  Light Painting & Long Exposure shots-Shots in the dark using light & long exposures…
:bulletred: Natures Magic -…
:bulletred: Art of the SKY - Art featuring the sun moon, stars, clouds and things above…
:bulletred: Just Add Water (beautiful art featuring water)…
:bulletred: Man Made Beauty (Beautiful things like buildings, objects & things that were made)…
·               Artists and their Cameras  & Camera photos.…
·               ACTION, People in motion - Art with action or featuring movement…
·               The faces of my friends, watchers and people I follow…
·              Sexy & Amazing Cosplay or Great costume photos…
·              The art of children, babies or pregnant mothers :police:  Please note there is some nudity…
·              Industrial Decay - shot of things, places or objects that are rusting or wasting away.…
·              You Animal - Art featuring animals, fish, birds, bugs and LLAMAS LOL…
·              MOVE IT - Art featuring planes, trains, cars and transportation…
:nerd: ROFL - ya its the funny stuff…

GREAT article about the "WATERMARK"…:

OMG I added new art!   AND its something I have always wanted to do!   MODEL shoot!    I was so pleased with results tell me what you think!   I have done 3 shots with this gorgeous natural redhead! xox   I love her and we work so perfect together, she is a very inspiring muse.   :icongreeneyetygre:

In the Moment by ZenAkita

Zen inspired moment about Love & Passion:

·         Love is like a sunflower.
·        It needs the fire of the sun to grow.                                                (passion)
·        It faces the sun to grow strong                                                         (nurture)
·         Fresh air and open space allow it to stand strong and grow tall                    (Fresh air = honesty and proper space = respect)
·         Just the right balance of water will insure vivid color and good health        (water = attention, attentiveness.  Too much or too little can be harmful)
·         Fertile soil ensures a vivacious plant                                                                  (soil = healthy environment)
·         Pruning & harvesting seeds well help your flower look its best and enjoy  its bounty  (pruning = taking care of needs, Harvesting = intimacy)
So remember to cherish the stunning beauty of your Sunflower.   Recognize your are in a symbiotic relationship & that requires participation to realize its true beauty.

If you want to read more of my Zen thoughts, I have my artistic writing featured here:…

So with the oil splashing up on the beach and the animals and plants being brutally harmed................ Is it a good time to think green??  :yoda: ~ I pitty the fool who dont live Green :eyepopping:   

Top Easy green things you can do.  Seriously these are not hard & they ABSOLUTLY ADD UP!
Turn the PC & Monitor off
Print double sided
Turn water off when brushing teeth/hands
Unused water can be poured into plant container and reused.  (All my dog
water and any unfinished glass/water bottles go to my plants)

Kill the Electric Vampires in your home
Turn off, unplug or power off surge protectors to appliances you are not
using.  Phone chargers, Toasters, shavers, infrequently used TVS can leech hundreds
of dollars a year.   It may even add up to $400 - $800 per year!!!  :OMG:

:firelite-photo:      @artist FEATURES@@  :firelite-photo:  

(I have an open invitation If you want to be featured))    YOU COULD BE SEEN HERE JUST ASK!  You ask I feature :)


FEATURE:   ITS ALL ABOUT ME!  Remember thou shall pimpith thyself, you can buy my work on DA and on RedBubble:

  Buy art

About me:  What does my account name mean?
:bulletgreen:  ZEN it's about maintaining proper balance in LIFE.
:bulletgreen:  AKITA the royal Guard dog of Japan, is a protector of the family and symbol of loyalty.

So to me *Zen Akita* reminds me to Balance my Life and protect what is good in myself and be loyal to my family/friends.

What a compliment, one of my photos was painted by another DA artist
Rainbow Falls Hilo ZenAkita by Hermione75    Rainbow Falls Hilo Hawaii by ZenAkita

:iconlauraest: Check out this stunning manip that includes some Koi from one of my shots.   
Sentimental Journey by Lauraest

  :eyepopping: Here is a sample of my Favorite features  :eyepopping:

Like Licking the Spoon by girltripped   drip drop by Finvara
An Aspen Fall Fire by kkart The Perfect Storm by gazdapavo  
T h e   K i n g by leocbrito    
Spin Me Right Round by morethanamemory San Diego Night Scene by JoeBostonPhotography Water cube by foureyes
   Gavin on the Way by cosfrog   Playground Punk by girltripped
Cultivate by dcamacho   :: my world :: by Flowerinka
.: s e l f :. by hellfirediva  :thumb57389400:
:thumb61048282:     Stress 3 by Foxxie-Chan
The Hug Dancers by Dotnicui   :thumb88913251:

Visit my Zen Nuggets:   words and art inspired by ZEN  ----->…:

Preview of Zen Nuggets:

~    "Only when the last tree has withered, and the last fish caught, and the last river been poisoned, will we realize we cannot eat money."...  ernieleo
~  Pictures freezes the time so the next generation can see what it was like before them, so go out, capture the moment and create history! a quote by Windsfantasy
~  "Vision without action is a daydream.  Action without vision is a nightmare." - Japanese proverb
~  Live your life as to be Productive Not destructive ZenAkita original quote

  :ninja:     <<<<< @@old Journal features@@@ >>>>>     :meditate:  
:bulletgreen:  Love mother earth ~ GO GREEN ~  ECCO friendly tips:…
I love mother earth by dicalva   Go green by simplestamp   

~   BABY/Children gear buying guide and TIPS for parents. @@@@ Know anyone having a baby or raising young children?@@@@  CHECK IT OUT!…
Little hands and feet by ntora   

~     ~PICTURE THIS ~  Art featuring Vintage film cameras as art, you will also see many models and photographers sharing the frame with their vintage cameras:…

~     Photo tips, camera buying/guide gear, features & more.…
          ~        Camera Art **photos I have taken**…
~     Zens Tool Box is a Buying guide, links I cant live without, Pet info  & helpful General tips/information.…
~     Life check list aka the bucket list ~ HAVE YOU DONE ONE?  Things you MUST do before you CHECK OUT:…

:bulletred: Couples gallery called:  "It takes two to make a thing go right" this is part 3 of "People and there emotions" People and their emotions: passionate sexy art.…

:bulletred: @Conceptual Sensuality@@ art work that has featured the human body in an artful captivating, thought provoking, sexy, conceptual and of course....Very Zen way. You will also find Inked skin here **It is located @ the bottom of journal…

Live.Love.Laugh Forever by Silver-Dew-Drop

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(( my work is not stock )) :teleport:

Thank you for stopping by to check out what my minds eye sees.

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