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The Planescape Multiverse

By zen79
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This is a collage of illustrations found in D&D and Planescape books. The lower part of the picture was inspired by an illustration in the "Planewalkers Handbook" and created first. Later i extended the picture and added the inner, astral, and ethereal planes.
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This is really nice piece for covering everything in one image, it really has that Planescape feel for their sketch work like you fine in one of their books in the setting.

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As a person who is not quite into magical-medieval-ish fantasy, (Other than WH40k and a few select others) This Is really nice! Congrats!
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What is Penumbra? 
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I'm with the others - would LOVE to see this as a print.

I've been fascinated by this particular map for years, and I just this week finally purchased the campaign itself on eBay, complete with original maps. But even those stock maps aren't as completely detailed as this!!
I've been trying to search books of the Planescape Multiverse, but I don't understand anything about Tabletop RPGs. I'm more interested in the lore of this Multiverse. Could you give me tips from where I could find anything? I would be in your debt. Thanks :)
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The original set of books by David Cook is very well written. Just reading it makes you feel like you're there, or are being spoken to by a native of the place.

If you're looking for lore, you can probably glean the best info from the original books (a base set is around 60USD on eBay - including player guide, DM guide, "Sigil and Beyond," and one called "Monstrous Supplement" which is basically a list of monsters you'd find specific to Planescape which are added to the basic AD&D list. My set even came with original maps, which I'm told is somewhat rare.

In addition, there are actually dozens of secondary expansions and pre-written adventures to go along with these core books including adventures (essentially choose-your-own-path stories written in the scope of this multiverse), detailed descriptions of the many areas that the Planescape is comprised of, and many other subjects.

If you're not interested in the gaming aspect, you really don't need to worry about translating the above-mentioned books at all. Much of the text is written in such a way that you perceive it as an encyclopedia of the world or even a travel guide of some distant land which you've decided to vacation in.
I can't possibly thank you enough for such information (and the time you spent writing a reply). I'll sure look for the books, even if I'm not into playing them... the idea alone of a "vacation in" is already fascinating. All the good vibes, and live well! \m/ My best regards, Rapha.
Hi, who writes is a researcher in the field of holistic and alternative expert parascience. But you know what you've posted here ?! A map of the formation of the universe according to the unified theories of the great philosopher Giordano Bruno! ;)
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Amazing! Thank You! <3
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great illustration of the cosmos!
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Ooo looks cool! Like you took old time concepts of the world, and mixed them with fantasy!
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superbe travail ! bravo !
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I love this so much... do you think you could make this into a print? It'd make an amazing map or poster.
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This is freaking awesome! I've adventured many times among some of these planes and it's cool to see them all together on one multiplanar map.
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Any chance for a print?
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I can see my home plane from here!
*Hides claws*

This is so cool, reminds me of Planescape torment.
They talk about a lot of these places but to see them all diagrammed out, its a pleasure.

Kudos to you for doing this.
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Great job - love this; its part map, part diagram.
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Nice! I constructed a model of the inner planes back in high school, but it fell apart since then.
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I'll use as the basis of my projects
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This remains one of the most useful images for the players in my campaigns. :)
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Simply amazing. Will definitely be using this as a reference.
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This is just amazing it is perfect for helping explain the planescape multiverse. Really well done.
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