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It had been a long, dreary day when I finally returned home.  I was a bit hungry, but it was already after nine in the evening, so I just grabbed some leftovers from the day before.  I went through my normal nightly routine, making sure my teeth were brushed and whatnot, and after putting on my pajamas, I just hopped into bed.  I was hoping for a relaxing, well deserved sleep, and my eyes closed even as I hit the pillow.
And yet, something bothered me, a scratching sound at first, or at least I thought it was, coming from outside.  I passed it off as some animal, perhaps my neighbor's cat, since I often saw it around, that, or some other critter.  That set me at ease, only it was a rather audible scratching, sounding like something was scraping along the outside wall of my house.
Aggravated, I got out of bed, and looked out my window.  I couldn't see anything, though the moonlight wasn't all that bright.  To get a better look, I unhitched the latch, a
:iconzen4life:zen4life 7 4
When Paths Cross
At the top of the hill, Baldric paused, catching his breath as he looked out over the forested landscape.  The human man wore some simple traveling clothes and wore a sizable pack on his back.  Although he did not expect to run into anything very dangerous, he'd not traveled this path before.  A sword was at his left side, and hanging from his pack was a bow, with a few arrows.  His dark brown hair was tied back behind him, and the beard he normally kept fairly well trimmed had been growing out more.  His light skin was looking a little rugged and dirty, though he had tried to keep as clean as he could so far out in the wilderness, a few streams here and there providing only temporary refreshment.  When he arrived at the city he sough, he would have to give himself a more thorough grooming.
He had been on this path for the last few days, and his information was right, he still had many more to go.  Thus far, his trip
:iconzen4life:zen4life 23 14
Goshin Specie Document
Primary Faction: None
Coalition Member Status: Tentative
Home World: Aru
Planet Status: Coalition Protectorate
- Overview -
The Goshin are a mammalian, somewhat Humanoid specie that were encountered by the Coalition a while after they encountered the Unification species. While a generally friendly, sociable people, they lag heavily behind other species known to the Coalition in technology, knowledge of space, and what lies within it.
- Anatomy -
Goshin are for the most part bipedal creatures standing roughly ten feet in height, although it is not uncommon for them to use all four of their limbs to attain high speeds while running. A Human looking at one might find it similar to an anthropomorphic wolf, although the head is more akin to a bear in shape. Their ears are large and triangular shaped, sitting near the top of their head, and their tails are fairly long and bushy. They are covered in fur of a solid color, generally shades of brown, tan, gray, or white, generally dependi
:iconzen4life:zen4life 24 18
Livestream Tales 2
                             Cake Time
The little mouse boy Steven bounced as he sat on the table of the apartment.  The delicious smell of cake filled the room, and his mouth was already watering.  "Is it done yeeeet?" he whined.
"Stop you're whining, Steven," Panda said as she finished the last bit of icing in the kitchen, candles ready to be placed as well.
"Poo..." Steven said crossing his arms, tail flicking anxiously.
Panda sighed.  "Same as always."  She turned back.  "You have the drinks ready, Filan?"
"Yup," said the blue elf.  "Ready when you are."
"Well, at least someone is," she said.  She and Filan made the last preparations for Steven's birthday dessert, and was soon able to bring it out to the table.  "Alright, here you are, Steven."
"Oh boy!" he sai
:iconzen4life:zen4life 5 18
Livestream Tales 1
                                            March of the Bear Sharks
Did you know, the world is full of tiny people? Indeed, absolutely packed. It's just that you can never see them. At least, that's what Tim asserts. He can see them, and they're everywhere!  In his sock drawer, in the refrigerator, in the garden, on TV, there's no place he can see where they are not.  Now, truth be told, Tim is a bit of a strange fellow. His psychiatrist things he needs to take a vacation, his family thinks he needs to get out in the sun more, and his imaginary friends think he talks funny - but, he tries not to take them too seriously.
Finally, one day Tim awoke, only to find that running across his floor was a pack of what looked to by small dinosaurs, with small
:iconzen4life:zen4life 4 8
Gobble, Gobble...
"Then, she went to the window, trying to see if the noise was coming from there.  The wind was howling, almost deafeningly, shaking the shutters.  She regretted even more now coming out here alone to the woods.  Especially now that she realized ... she wasn't alone."  The auburn haired girl spoke hauntingly, keeping a somber expression as she told her story to her friends.
The three gathered were a curious group, one other blond haired girl, and a short haired human boy.  Both were at the edge of their seats, almost holding their breaths as they listened to the scary story their friend was telling.  However, neither were as scared as the thirty foot, pale skinned man that lay before them, almost shaking.  In quite a contrast to the three humans present, he had deep purple hair, with light lavender eyes.  He like the others, was dressed warmly for the chilly fall day, chilled even more by the story being tol
:iconzen4life:zen4life 14 32
That'ssss a Very Nice Island by zen4life That'ssss a Very Nice Island :iconzen4life:zen4life 1 8
Mature content
Lellis: ER - RotT - Prologue :iconzen4life:zen4life 3 7
The Swamp Prince
A day of festivities and merriment had come to the kingdom, for on that day a fair princess had married her new found love.  It was a prince, indeed, but a most curious prince, for he had been cursed by a fairy, and changed into a frog.  Only through the princess's act of taking him from the spring, letting him eat of her plate, and letting him sleep on her bed for three nights was the spell broken, and so did the prince return to his human form, and did ask the princess to marry him.
And so a wedding quickly came, and the princess was at present riding with her prince in a horse drawn carriage through the city.  Soon they would leave to the prince's kingdom, where surely they would live happily for many long years.
From high atop the castle spires, however, did sit another princess.  As she watched the procession, a great sigh left her.  "Woe is me," she said to herself.
"Whatever is the matter, dear?" said her maid, who was putting aw
:iconzen4life:zen4life 50 49
What Love Is - Part 2 of 2
I finished putting together a rather nice bouquet, and took it up to the counter for purchase.  The cashier and I exchanged a few words, and I bid her a good day, then left.
After that night in the mountains, I was pretty low key, at least for another two days.  It felt incredible to be so large, so powerful.  Truly, it was incredible, and I didn't want to draw any attention to myself by transforming freely.  No one had noticed me that night, and I wanted to keep it that way.  It didn't want to get in any trouble.  As amazing as it was, I had a life ahead of me, a life with Lana.  That sort of  power, I didn't need it screwing my life up.
However, a nagging feeling was with me after that, that it wasn't just a haphazard thing that the craft, the device, that power came to this world.  Having been that giant for a time, my mind had been filled with the presence of that thing.  I knew it w
:iconzen4life:zen4life 8 2
What Love Is - Part 1 of 2
Dawn came early again that day, or, at least it seemed to.  I had been laying in my bed, staring up blankly at the ceiling when the sky began to lighten out my bedroom window.  A new day had come, and this one too, it seemed, I was to face with sleepless eyes.
It had been a long time since I'd been kept up, my head burred in the past, in all the things that had come and gone, and yet could never leave me.  I sighed then, looking out, seeing the few clouds as they listlessly drifted up above.  It really had been a while since I'd been like this, but I suppose on a day like this I'd be more prone to.  I had a lot on my mind, and a lot I needed to do.
I moved my hand down from over my head to rub my eyes, which only longed to be closed, and then sat up. I stretched dispassionately, rolling my shoulders.  Things had been slow, lately.  Which, for me, was just fine.  Personally, I'd had enough excitement already
:iconzen4life:zen4life 17 7
Coalition Self-Defense
                                     Coalition Standard Self-Defense
Lesson One
Personal self-defense has been a primary concern among most people, of all species, since at least as far back as they can remember, and possibly even longer.  Everything from guns, swords, pipes, small animals, and even fists have been employed in the defense of one's self and property, and perhaps others if you're on reasonably good terms.  You've probably seen methods of personal protection taught and utilized at your local martial arts training center, church, or even nursery school, perhaps even to great effect.
However, in today's ever expanding universe, many traditional methods are no longer practical in all situations when species of different size, shape, and general mating habits are all in the
:iconzen4life:zen4life 11 16
Mature content
Dueling Hearts Part 2 of 2 :iconzen4life:zen4life 8 6
Mature content
Dueling Hearts Part 1 of 2 :iconzen4life:zen4life 10 19
On a Cold Winter's Eve
Chilling wind swept across the frozen landscape as night began to set in.  It was snowing only lightly, but the temperature was dropping quickly, which for Tyramini meant her time was quickly waning.  The tiny elf, barely more than six inches tall, was walking past some trees, where the snow wasn't higher than her knees, clutching her partly soaked, trembling as she walked.  Her long, golden hair had partly frozen already, her pointy ears had long since gone numb, and life seemed already to be fading from her deep green eyes.
Although she wore a suitably warm, green tunic, it was useless wet, now only retaining the water as it slowly turned to ice.  If she didn't find someway to save herself soon, she would die.
Her teeth clattered as a puff of her breath dissipated as she exhaled.  'How … how could it all go so wrong?' she thought to herself.  'Why did it turn out this way?'
Another strong gust came through, as the brach
:iconzen4life:zen4life 62 45
Through the Woods
An armor clad alaerin swiftly and nearly silently worked her way amidst the trees.  They were rather large and tall in the area, such that even one of the human's mechanical walkers could hide behind one.  She was on high alert, her eyes scanning all about her, looking for even the slightest hint of movement.  Whether one of the small human scouts was lurking in-between, or one of their more powerful vehicles, she felt she was ready for it.
Her back to a tree, she peeked out to her right, gun at the ready, she then ducked quickly back.  Peeking out the left for a moment, she ducked back.  She sprinted to another tree, placing her back against it, and surveyed the area ahead of her, then retreated for a moment before diving into a roll, and standing up behind another tree.  After another scan, she ran a bit and did a jump with a mid-air somersault, landing behind another.  Another quick scan and she jumped with a mid-
:iconzen4life:zen4life 21 23

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Overall I'd say this is a very good job. I can only give so much in terms of originality, as this is a piece of clear fanart, but the w...

Having read up through the thirtieth part, this seems a fair enough place to critique. Up to this point, the story had been quite intri...

Another great piece. The best part about this piece is the use of simple designs to create a rather rich setting. The main character Ly...


This is something that I've been hesitant to discuss with other folks as I haven't known exactly how to discuss my reasons and haven't felt in the mood to, and I'm not going to here either as in my experience trying to go over really academic principled things on dA comments is next to pointless, at least very often. So I'll just keep it short here.

Insofar as being a story contributor, specie contributor, location contributor, and things like that for the Legacy setting, I have decided to step down. The very short reasoning for this is that, one, while there are facets of the setting I enjoy, the simple reality is that I cannot contribute something canon to the setting anymore without breaching my own principles, and as such I cannot contribute anything that brings me real enjoyment. The second reason being that I find people who work on the setting are not able to effectively take things I contribute (like species) and use them in ways they are intended, but this second one is very subjective and not as fundamental as the first.

This doesn't mean I've lost all interest in the setting, nor does it mean I'm opposed to discussing ideas, helping people refine their own ideas with regard to it, helping do editing and such related to it. There are things I enjoy about it after all. However, as far as seeing any additional stories, species, or such from me, that time has passed.

Instead I feel like story ideas and themes that I have might be best directed toward settings that are more my own, or ones where they would be better suited. This I hope will help inspire me further to start up with more DeviantArt worthy writing pieces and maybe be more active here. Hard to say at the moment.

This is more of an announcement and weight off my chest than a place for any elaboration on things here. As such, I'm not going to get into details in comments here. That's all for now, and have a nice day.


United States
Presently, writing is my preferred medium for artistry, at least as far as deviantART goes. I'm also a fairly good musician.

My writings, for now, are oriented more toward what is generally termed Giant/Tiny, or GT, but I view that more as a story element, rather than a genre itself. Most of my writings use aspects of people of differing sizes as important parts of the story. As far as genres go, I consider myself more of a fantasy and sci-fi writer than anything else.

I am a contributor to the :iconlegacyverse: setting created by :icondurendal5150:, and odds are that most, or at least many, of my posted pieces will be based in that universe. For more information on it, you can view the Legacy group page. In general though, it is a science-fiction/fantasy world with a lot of elements of differently sized people, but that's just for starters.

As I progress more in my writing, I'd like to expand my range of work to include my own original settings. I have several concepts in the works, but nothing complete enough to put into story format, yet.

Current Residence: USA
Favourite genre of music: Practically anything, but especially Jazz
Favourite style of art: Inter- and Intrapersonal - hope that makes sense to someone, Surreal
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Rio - one I've had for years
Shell of choice: A house is nice, maybe a car for long trips
Skin of choice: The one I'm in now will do, besides, I'm used to it
Favourite cartoon character: Klan Klang (Macross Frontier), Konata Izumi (Lucky Star)


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