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art name : crash
art album : limitless
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This is a very trippy and psychedelic looking piece - I am finding the art style is very interesting in how it had turned out because I get the vibe of both a 60s era "hippie" art psychedelia feel while also feeling a little modern electronic/ Daft Punk in there.

Overall this feels very much like a funky music album cover.

The choice to make the eyes to visibly glowing is a wee bit creepy but also works well in the image.

I would have preferred the guitar to be more noticeable though, as it stands, on first glance I almost missed it due to the heavy shadow over it - unless that was the point. If not, then making it more visible with that pronounced 2-layer 3D glasses effect on the neck of it would really make it pop and add some flair/flare (sorry, couldn't help that!)

The night sky looks good but I think a little less blue so that the blue and black were swirling under the stars I think would have been more striking - but that's possibly a personal preference.

Also, the upper edge of the bed where the guitar is resting: I feel like maybe those were meant to be cushions ON the bed, but they are not distinct and I can't tell if the mattress is meant to go all the way to the end or they are meant to be cushions on either side and behind the guitar.

Keep up the solid work!