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Concept art for Voracious script, by Doug Warr and Aaron Mason.
Painted in photoshop.
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Meowth79's avatar
Very cool! I like how your artwork gives that feeling of being in a dream, it's like things are hazy and exaggerated but you feel as if you're there experiencing it firsthand
slomodeux's avatar
i love the fact that i have to take my time to look through your work.  this is a marvelous piece.
fuchsia-g's avatar
This is beyond epic!!
Wow great work!!! funny, at first i thought i was looking at an eye.
Is there a story behind this?
Handie's avatar
wow! at first glance I thought this was a photo manip, then when I looked closer I could see all those amazing details - the tiny alligators, the trees and people.......... amazing!
naamviprit's avatar
amazing testures! almost looks like alligator skin
cosm0sis's avatar
My leg is twitching, and while it may not be directly related to this picture, that might be a pretty plausible excuse. (Excuse me for sucking ass.) But quite honestly, I can't find a flaw here. It's so much more than your average photomanip or quickly crafted painting. Favorite.
oo0Phade0oo's avatar
What can I say! Damn that's good!
Branchewski's avatar
Amazing details in the upper part, man!!
thundermistress's avatar
Woow, the textures are soo rich and beautiful in this...there's so much depth, simply amazing work!
insomniac199's avatar
Very eyecatching piece, I can't believe you managed to get that kind of texture mapping on photoshop. It looks like it was rendered in maya or something, +fav :D
toni-niskanen's avatar
Crasy details on the top. :D :)
Highduken's avatar
its too good to be real.
the aligator bodies dont look like they are painted.
teemunkle's avatar
brilliant.your imagination is off the chart.beautiful.
TickleMyBones's avatar
holy cow thats awesome!
eowyntje's avatar
wow. this is so many things at once....
zyphryus's avatar
whoa, strange. alligator bodies, trees, people, and one larger picture of an eye... I am quite intrigued.
flominowa's avatar
Wait... this can't be! "airbrushing"?! Unbelievable!!
DuanCongLin's avatar
OMG!great one! +fav
Luximus's avatar
Wow...that's a really nice abstract art you got going there. Did you paint everything?? o_o
jkforviger's avatar
that is absolely unbelievable.
fullview is a must.
Dyce-Bastion's avatar
Just as i start to figure out what it is, my perception shifts... wow...
shoot, there's so much to see *o*
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