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June 6, 2015
Storm Crow Menu Illustration by Zen-Master
Featured by MidnightExigent
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Storm Crow Menu Illustration

Digital painting for the menu of the Storm Crow Tavern here in Vancouver BC.
Crammed with a ton of nerd characters and references.
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kyrtuck's avatar
Somehow this makes me think of Pat Razkit's Come On song.
TheWarOfTheRing's avatar
That has got to be one of the most adorable Pikachus I have ever seen.
LilaYan's avatar
This is awesome. I have been there and you do it justice by adding to it's atmosphere.
Conebur89's avatar
Nice composition ! :)
Front Row - Link (legend of zelda), Khal Drogo (game of thrones)
On the table - Mumbo & Jumbo (Willow), Pikachu (Pokemon)
Behind the table - Agent Cooper (Twin Peaks), Smoking Man (X-Files), Lando (Star Wars), Rocket (GOTG), Elizabeth (Bioshock Infinate)
Background - Shy Guy (Mario games), Slender Man, Lucious Malfoy (Harry Potter) Unknown horned guy, Unknown Monster, Master Chief (Halo series), Tank Girl, Edi (Mass Effect 3), Unknown Waitress

Don't think the monster is a beholder since no eye stalks and the hash tags the artest adds to it have no D&D or other RPG tags.  Any guesses on the 3 I couldn't recognise?
StellaSmooth's avatar
The "unknown horned guy" appears to be a Qunari from Dragon Age.
LBarba's avatar
Interesting..!! :D
ToaDJacara's avatar
Awesomeness to the max!
caddman's avatar
Fabulous and stunning work ....:heart:
xAquoticXWolfx's avatar
I like this Like I really do YOu got Movie characters and Game characters all in one. ^_^
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:

I don't think anyone else has brought it up, but the Brownies from Willow on the table are a nice touch. Great piece.
DeepHurting's avatar
Excellent work.
Shiloh-Serenity's avatar
dat slenderman though.... O_O
minhquach94's avatar
oh man, I wish I have seen this wonderful piece of art before I left Vancouver, and could have visited the place
ArynChris's avatar
I was showing this to a friend who missed it yesterday, and--

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ChaosAurion's avatar
This is such an awesome picture. Link Vs Lando at Star Wars Chess (what is this called btw?) as Lucius malfoy looks on, rocket racoon and elizabeth chilling with pikachu, then slenderman and shyguy with sign-dude in the far background, A BEHOLDER, and a angry?demon? hucking a pint at 117's dome. I don't know a few of these guys though, can someone name them all?
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Congratulations on the Daily Deviation!
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Random shy guy in the background..... this is amazing!
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