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D and D Burger Alignment Chart
By Zen-Master   |   Watch
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Published: February 24, 2016
© 2016 - 2019 Zen-Master
There are some things in life you think you'll never do.
For me, one of those things was painting a portrait of a neutral evil cheeseburger lurking in a gnarled swamp.
Then I started hanging out at the Storm Crow Tavern, and things changed.
Now they're opening a new location, the Storm Crow Alehouse, where you can roll a burger like you would a D&D character.
It comes with a little character card for each alignment, I did a painting for each one.
That's right; I painted nine D&D burgers.
Three words: sesame seed helm.
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Comments (26)
AntiGoodie's avatar

I'd love to buy a print or two!

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Sekhmet88's avatar
I would really love to buy this one. Will there ever be a chance I will be able to buy it somewhere?
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Dracu98's avatar
f*ck me I really love this. are there any pictures of the burgers on their own (like, singled out? sorry my english kinda sucks :D )? I'd love to have the frankenstein-burger as a background :3
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TastesLikeToxy's avatar
TastesLikeToxy|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is a really brilliant and fun way to explore the alignment chart! It's so delightful, and I love it!
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Yazzeee's avatar
Yazzeee|Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow, i didn't rhink i would find the original so quickly... great stuff!
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DubaiBunniesUAE's avatar
Amazing artwork!
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Ritualist's avatar
Ritualist|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I identify with that burger on a deep and personal level.
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TitaniumDragon's avatar
Beautiful, man. I think you really captured those burgers divine and demonic natures.
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Cinnibar's avatar
I would love to have this as a framed print.
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sabledrakon's avatar
This needs to be a print. I want this lovely thing on my wall man.
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SixFootEwok's avatar
SixFootEwok|Professional Digital Artist
What. I require a print of this. Can you make it so?
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kamism's avatar
kamism| Digital Artist
Gotta taste 'em all.
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Malt8's avatar
Malt8|Hobbyist Writer
Wow. . . I. . . I kinda wish these were actual burgers on a menu. . .
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JDThird's avatar
I love this.  Such creativity.  I have NEVER put burgers and the alignment chart together in my head.  This is one lucky Alehouse...
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Viergacht's avatar
Viergacht|Professional General Artist
This is the funniest goddamn thing I've ever seen. I'm sitting here with a busted ribcage, and I literally laughed so hard I think I'm gonna require extra pain pills.
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Feanedhell's avatar
Would it be possible to use this image to print on a tshirt? Personnal use for a friend and myself.
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boozlebub's avatar
boozlebub|Hobbyist Photographer
This... This is amazing. 
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YdanSiiga's avatar
YdanSiiga|Hobbyist General Artist
Brilliant, congratulation :D
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NinjaKat5021's avatar
This is awesome and important.
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Carwendil's avatar
Thats hilariously awesome! And you did a very good job with these! Never found so much expression in a burger! :)
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communistcreeper's avatar
I always play lawful evil
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Nin10dohgirl's avatar
My mom says I tend to fall under Chaotic Good. The way my brain processes tends to drive my whole family nuts xD And I can be a bit of a spaz^^;But at least I try to do good things! So yea, according to my mom, I'm most likely Chaotic Good LOL
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NiciDraw's avatar
NiciDraw|Professional Artist
This is great! and somehow really hilarious! Made my day ^^
Love it <3
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arutensai's avatar
Dude, this is the greatest thing I've seen!
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